The “Tale” Wagging the Dog

Published: Thu 13 Jun 2013 04:56 PM
Press Release, New Zealand Council of Docked Breeds, Thursday 13 June 2013
The “Tale” Wagging the Dog
The New Zealand Council of Docked Breeds (NZCDB) is incredulous that organisations proclaiming to promote Animal Welfare in New Zealand continue to run campaigns based on over-emotive hype and propaganda. In an attempt to whip up support from the general public in order to promote their campaign, they have instead mislead them using biased and often false information.
“These organisation are gifted the general public’s attention as they are most commonly linked to looking after our best friends. The reality is that for the fourth time since 2004, it looks remarkably like they still have no scientific evidence to support their claims and revert back to these well used over-emotive statements” claims Karen McIntyre, spokesperson for the NZCDB. “That SPCA Chief Executive Bob Kerridge appears on breakfast TV and tells us we should ban the process because the vet’s tell us we should - is sheer folly. While the entertainment value is high, the claims still do not reflect reality.”
McIntyre also states that “Since the Code of Welfare was introduced in 2010, there still remains no scientific evidence that it causes pain to band puppies at the appropriate age and using the NAWAC approved protocols. This Code is three years old and as far as we are aware, only one case of cruelty surrounding the process of tail shortening has been prosecuted in that time – do you consider that a major animal welfare issue?”
Tail shortening has been a traditional practice for many hundreds of years and amongst other reasons, is a preventative measure against potential tail damage. It continues to be performed in breeds that through practical experience, were found to be predisposed to damage either due to tail structure or use.
McIntyre goes on, “We (NZCDB) have fought to maintain the Freedom of Choice for breeders on three occasions. Only three years into this Code and we have the issue around the docking of dogs tails raised yet again. Three times in less than 10 years; public opinion and input has been sought on each occasion; nothing has been added in the means of scientific evidence! What an absolute waste of parliament time and taxpayer dollars. A ban on docking has not worked overseas, but in fact has had the reverse affect, requiring hundreds of dogs to have their tails amputated as adults when injury and damage cannot be healed. In several countries (Including Sweden, Germany and the UK) there are breeds that are now permitted to be docked again because of injuries sustained subsequent to a ban.”

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