Education Increase Damages More Young Minds

Published: Fri 17 May 2013 09:19 AM
Education Increase Damages More Young Minds
“The National government’s increase in the educational budget of $900million over four years will bring more misery and damage than we could ever imagine,” said Peter Osborne, a Libertarianz spokesman today.
He says, “I could have said it was a waste of money but it is not. It goes beyond that. The destruction to the human spirit is about to commence another hit and it will continue en masse.”
“Our very acceptance of the one size fits all, Victorian style of mass learning is proof enough that our conditioning centres are working fine for those in power. We fail to recognise the inherent danger that comes with allowing a central controller to decide what our children should learn. There are countless examples to demonstrate this reality. It is no coincidence that China’s children grow up believing that Chairman Mao was the greatest man that ever lived even though he and his regime killed more of their relatives than any other leader in human history. It is no coincidence that students in Japan know nothing of world history between 1939 and 1945. When in control of education, the state can have us all believe in whatever they can get away with. Our government, of whichever stripe, is no different.”
Mr Osborne continues, “There are many questions we should be asking but we don’t because conditioning has created a barrier. Why do we feel that government should control the monetary system even when every western nation is in massive debt? Why should our government control the distribution of money and assistance through a centralised welfare system when the problems this system attempts to address are increasing in number and severity? Why do we believe that Christchurch will benefit more from strong arm central control and tax paid bailout rather than long term freedom from interference and total tax exemption? These are to name a few. Such is the waste to life where we form a fatalistic sort of group think; a mass agreement that government should control everything. The truth is that we are unwittingly relinquishing our lives to the great bureaucracy and thus denying ourselves any reason we may individually have otherwise had to exist.
He concludes, “The more freedom a nation has the greater respect the population has for human life. There are examples to contemplate this trend. The Libertarian approach is to remove the state from our daily lives and our decision making. We would only concern ourselves with the defence of freedom and the protection from force and fraud. By doing so each individual may find or miss the answers to their existence that only reality can bring. The contrived model we currently endure has nothing more to offer humanity. The opposite is in fact the case.”

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