Inside Child Poverty: a Plan to Escalate the Problem

Published: Mon 23 Jan 2012 11:25 AM
Inside Child Poverty: a Plan to Escalate the Problem
“Bryan Bruce’s conclusions following his investigations into child poverty are a classic example of how this tiring debate remains unoriginal and uninsightful,” said Peter Osborne, Libertarianz Spokesman for Social Welfare, today.
“In almost every observation that Mr Bruce makes, his argument fails. He reminisces about the days of his childhood when health, education and milk in schools were free. But they weren’t free; the taxpayer had to pay. Apparently Mr Bruce discovered “what the free market economy has done to the health of young people living in lower income families.” Oh really? What free market economy? Regrettably New Zealand has never had a free market economy. Unless he thinks the Reserve Bank’s control over the value and supply of money represent a free market! Or that minimum wage and employment laws are part of a free market. It sounds to me like Mr Bruce had already decided what the causes of child poverty were before he set out on his mission.”
Osborne says, “The engine that is the free market is lagging badly thanks to the thick, cancerous tar of Big Government dragging the moving parts to a halt.” He continues, “Mr Bruce hasn’t said anything that hasn’t already been said by the countless other latte drinkers before him; All screaming for more government intervention and all ignoring the resultant, accelerating decline. Mr Bruce and those of his ilk have nothing fresh to say and, unfortunately for our young New Zealanders, they will never recognise that their social engineering is the problem, not the solution.”
“Let it be understood that all of these governmental groups who get together to fix child poverty or child murder will achieve nothing in the way of improvement. The trend is already proven and too obvious to ignore. But that won’t stop them while they gain some headlines from a Press who are falling over themselves to print such rubbish.”
Mr Osborne concludes, “While government controls the information fed into our children’s minds we can only expect to be inundated with people who not only struggle to cope with real life but also fail to recognise even the small opportunities that may come their way. While we have institutionalised systems in place designed to reward people who do not pull their own weight and encourage them to remain that way, an underclass will grow. While the government holds the level of control they do today over our financial arrangements, wealth and opportunity will elude those who most need it to be free and running on all cylinders.”

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