Long - Acting Contraception methods – Destroy Human Life

Published: Sat 13 Aug 2011 06:08 PM
Long - Acting Contraception methods – Destroy Human Life
Right to life challenges the morality of the conclusions of Dr Sally Rose and Dr Beverley Lawton, following the conclusion of their study on long acting methods of contraception. The authors of the study are commended for endeavouring to identify the means to reduce New Zealand’s appalling repeat abortion rate. It is however disappointing that the researchers are prepared to promote the destruction of human life in their pursuit of “reproductive choices to control fertility.” The study found that repeat abortions are significantly reduced if women use long –acting reversible contraceptive methods such as intrauterine devices [IUDs].The study revealed that 6.45% of women who used LARC methods had a repeat abortion, whereas those who used some other method of contraception had a 14.5% return rate. They stated that they “are very excited about the potential public health impact of these findings.”
The findings of the study however require serious scrutiny. Contraception is not the solution to repeat abortions it is part of the problem. Contraception is both immoral and dangerous for the health of women and a threat to the lives of human embryos. The Contraceptive pill, Depo Provera and IUDs destroy the life of human embryos. They are an integral part of a culture of death.
The study was conducted by Dr Sally Rose and Dr Beverley Lawton for the Women’s Health Research Centre at the University of Otago. The study was done on 510 women aged from 13-44 [mean25] after they had an abortion in a public clinic in Wellington and chose either a free long-acting reversible contraceptive [LARC] or a non- LARC method. LARC methods included a multiload or Mirena IUD or a Depo Provera injection.
Right to Life is also concerned at the number of repeat abortions in 2009, of the 17,550 abortions performed, 6456 abortions, 37% of the total, were repeat abortions, the same percentage as in 2008. 4423 women were having their second abortion,1364, were having their third, 441, their fourth, 136, their fifth, 63 their sixth and 19 their seventh or more abortion. These statistics are a tragedy for the unborn child and for the women who have been used, exploited and abandoned.
It is a scientific fact that human life begins at conception. The researchers commendably seek to reduce repeat abortions but reveal a lack of respect for human beings at the commencement of life by recommending the use of IUDs and Depo Provera. IUDs prevent the implantation of the human embryo, they are therefore abortifacent in that they cause the death of a human being at the commencement of life. Depo Provera has a tertiary action in that it prevents implantation and causes death to the human embryo.
Contraception is a serious threat to women’s health. In 2005 the World Health Organisation said that the contraceptive pill containing estrogen and progestin increased the risk of breast cancer, liver and cervical cancer and classified them as class 1 carcingens. A Mayo Clinic study said that women who use hormonal contraceptives for a minimum of 4 years prior to their first full term pregnancy have a 52 % higher risk of developing breast cancer. Women who use a hormonal contraceptive for more than 5 years are 4 times more likely to develop cervical cancer. A recent study by Stanford University School of Medicine’s Dr. Lawrence Hofmann and his team noted that the use of the birth control pill raises the risk of deadly blood clots by 500 percent, the risk shoots to over 1,700 percent for U.S. women with a common vein malformation. The study was published by the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology,
The Otago study revealed that those women in the study who used non LARC contraceptives had a failure rate if 14.5 per cent. Overseas research has shown that the contraceptive pill has a failure rate of 13 per cent. Why then is the Family Planning Association and the Ministry of Health continuing to promote the contraceptive pill?
Our sexuality is a precious gift from our Creator and should be treated with the greatest respect and used in a manner that fulfils our dignity as human beings invited to share with our Creator in creating new life. The health of New Zealand women is important, why do the researchers believe “ by improving access to long-acting contraception, women will not only have better choices to control their fertility , but we now know they will also reduce their chance of a further unplanned pregnancy.” This conclusion is false and demeaning to the dignity of women. We do not protect women’s health and prevent repeat abortions by filling women’s bodies with harmful chemicals and foreign objects. The government should be promoting respect for women by providing instruction in schools that encourage abstinence before marriage and faithfulness within marriage.
Right to Life is opposed to the taxpayer being required to pay for contraception to promote the lifestyle choices of others. We are therefore opposed to the recommendation of the researchers that IUDs become a charge on the taxpayer.
Ken Orr
Right to Life New Zealand Inc.

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