National Demands Celebration of Mediocrity

Published: Tue 9 Aug 2011 10:48 AM
Press Release Stephen Berry
National Demands Celebration of Mediocrity
Stephen Berry, Independent candidate for Tamaki, advises Minister of Social Welfare and six million dollar woman, Paula Bennett, to take her focus away from her economy standard marketing team and apply extra care to her portfolio, following a government press release proclaiming the saving of $6 million.
“When our Government is spending $17 billion more than it receives in revenue, $6 million is nothing to write a press release about,” says the Tamaki candidate. “This is a fortuitous blip being exploited for political gain in election year, not the radical reform New Zealand’s social welfare system, and productive taxpayers, desperately need.”
“The National government has done virtually nothing to obliterate the open sore that welfare inflicts on the economic growth of New Zealand. This government tweaks and fiddles around the edges, issues Goebbelsesque propaganda to herald insignificant progress and deliberately fails to attempt the sort of reform really needed to solve the issue of lazy parasitical troglodytes who piggyback on the success and productivity of others.”
“National and Labour are not so different. Both accept the validity of the state to control what you put into your body. Both believe it is legitimate to nose around in and control what you do with your personal business. Both advocate stealing a significant portion of what you earn and giving it to those who refuse to do anything more than take the occasional subsidised bus ride to the local WINZ office. It is time for an alternative!”
Stephen Berry is providing the voters of Tamaki with that alternative. He is currently the only candidate in Tamaki proposing the radical reform that is seriously needed to reduce the welfare burden and balance the Government budget. He is advancing a message that you won’t hear from Labour, National or even the Act party.
“My message is simple. A cut off date should be set for unemployment benefits, single parent’s benefits and any other handouts for the unproductive. Any new applicants for unemployment benefits should be refused as should any funding increases for women on the DPB who have additional children.”
“I am the only candidate in Tamaki who is willing to stand up for the rights of the truly productive. I am the only candidate in Tamaki who openly and enthusiastically advocates for the eventual elimination of the welfare state!”

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