A Separatist Constitution for New Zealand?

Published: Mon 5 Nov 2007 05:19 PM
A Separatist Constitution for New Zealand?
"With the entrenchment of treaty separatism already a fact in New Zealand law and the abolishment of the Privy Council," Libertarianz Maori Spokesman Tim Wikiriwhi said today, "It only remains for Labour to draw up a constitution to act as divine sanction for their socialist state resulting in the foundation of a Socialist Republic of Aotearoa."
"News that such a constitution was on the agenda at the Labour Party's annual conference this weekend delighted one of the countries foremost racists - Maori Party leader Tariana Turia, who is not only 100% supportive of such a constitution but also claims to have been the instigator of this plot whist she was in the Labour party!" says Wikiriwhi.
"New Zealanders ought to be thankful that Don Brash stepped up when he did at Orewa in time to shatter this Clark/ Turia alliance. One great victory of Don was that he single-handedly caused many of the separatist radicals embedded in Labour to show their true colours by forming the Maori party."
"Kiwis need to pull their heads out of the sand and see that the principles of equality and freedom are no threat to anyone's culture, especially not Maori. The Maori Party are trying to sell the lie that Maori must have 'their culture' embedded as law or else they are oppressed!" Wikiriwhi fumes. "What crap!"
"The catch of freedom and equality is one must pay for it oneself. If Maori are to have a prosperous future, they must earn it on equal terms with non-Maori, not have special laws which siphon billons of dollars into racist hands."
"It was amusing to see the racist and green protests outside the conference," Mr Wikiriwhi said. "These radicals are Labour's own educational 'children', many with qualifications in 'social science'. Most are sucking off the very state tit they are protesting against! "
"Libertarianz is anticipating Clark's endorsement of a separatist constitution for New Zealand, and are ready to oppose it by vigorous promotion of our own Constitution for New Freeland. It has no reference to any race, or to the Treaty of Waitangi and thereby applies equally to all."
"So here are two visions for New Zealand," concludes Wikiriwhi, "One founded upon racism that seeks to continue the inequalities of treaty separatism, the other founded upon freedom and equality which seeks to allow all peaceful individuals to pursue their own happiness."
"How hard a choice can it be?"
A copy of the proposed Libertarianz constitution may be found at

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