HIV epidemic and NZAF - a flawed crock

Published: Mon 5 Nov 2007 08:37 AM
The Society for Promotion of Community Standards Inc.
5 November 2007
HIV epidemic and NZAF - a flawed crock
The Society is concerned that despite millions of dollars of taxpayer funds having been poured into the NZ AIDS Foundation (NZAF) each year, the numbers of new HIV infections diagnosed each year among “men-who-have-sex-with-men” (homosexuals and bisexuals) is continuing to rocket upwards, along with other nasty sexually transmitted diseases – syphilis, gonorrhoea, genital clamydia and genital herpes.
It is highly critical of the way Ministry of Health officials and politicians have allowed this absolute crock – the tiny fringe self-serving gay lobby group NZAF - to have access to so much public money to run such a flawed and largely ineffective “men’s health programme”[1].
Furthermore, the dysfunctional NZAF operation which is supposed to be focused largely on preventing HIV/AIDS, has lurched from one organisational crisis to another (resulting in staff resignations) and has become so highly politicised in its promotion of the normalisation of sodomy and the celebration of sexual diversity (= gay sex) among its largely European male supporters; that its flamboyant PC-posturing has made a mockery of the deadly earnest character of the health message it should be conveying to those it claims to serve. “It's not serving its constituency as it should," says Larry Jenkins, NZ AIDS Foundation's fundraising and events manager, who has just resigned. He says NZAF “is a fundamentally flawed organisation, especially at board and chief executive level.” [2]
A recent NZAF press release [3] stated: “Discussion at NZAF’s recent community forums for gay and bisexual men suggested that unprotected anal sex [‘bare-backing’] was being GLORIFIED through A LACK OF PEER PRESSURE AGAINST THE PRACTICE” [Emphasis added]. NZAF provides no “peer pressure” against promiscuity. On the contrary its workshops with the gay friendly titles of “Cock Sure”, “Horny as”, “Queen of the Universe”, and gay-boy pin up competitions, etc. encourage promiscuity, emboldening HIV+ homosexuals and bisexuals to persist in their unhealthy and unnatural sexual practices – absolutely deluded by the NZAF mantra of the “safe sex”/condom ‘life-insurance policy’ (in reality condoms at best only provide 80% protection against HIV transmission).
During the 2005 calendar year NZAF reported “the highest number of HIV infections” were recorded “in the history of the epidemic in New Zealand”. 83% of the 117 newly diagnosed HIV+ cases were among homosexual and bisexual men – (compared to 89% in 2004). It also noted the shocking statistic that approximately 33% of persons who actually have the HIV virus do not even know they have it. And yet such carriers continue to have anal sex with multiple male partners with gay abandon, unknowingly spreading and receiving the virus as well as a host of other nasty STIs. (NZAF has reported “a disturbing resurgence of syphilis recorded at sexual health clinics between 2002 and 2006” among homosexuals, as well as gonorrhoea or chlamydia). A September 2007 report from the AIDS Epidemiology Group reveals that 84 new HIV infections were diagnosed in New Zealand for the first half of 2007. Maori diagnosed HIV+ rose from 6.4 per cent of all notifications in 2006, to 11.4% in the first six months of 2007. By far the largest component of those infected in NZ were sexually active homosexuals and bisexuals – 85%.[4]
The Society believes that the government should pull all further funding of the NZAF and initiate an independent inquiry into why so much public money has been allowed to be wasted on such an ineffective crock that has failed to avert the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It is aware that NZAF has taken formal complaints to the Broadcasting Standards Authority over politicians who have dared to question its policies – labelling its critics as derogatory bigots and homophobes [5]. According to the NZAF Annual Report dated June 2006, public support for the organisation is miniscule. It currently has only 158 financial members despite a massive recruitment drive. Members with vested interests – those who draw taxpayer funded salaries serving NZAF – number a staggering 47. The Government grant and salary refund package to NZAF was $3,421,301 in the year ending June 2006. Sodomy certainly comes with a price [6].
Notes and References:
[1] In March 1985, the AIDS Support Network Trust was established in response to workshops held nationally to deal with preventing the spread of HIV in New Zealand as well as how to assist those living with HIV and AIDS. The newly established trust was successful in attracting funding from the Ministry of Health. In August of the same year, the Trust was renamed the New Zealand AIDS Foundation. The New Zealand AIDS Foundation is a registered charitable trust which has continued its focus on prevention amongst the group most at risk of HIV infection in New Zealand – men who have sex with men (MSM).
The mission of the New Zealand AIDs Foundation is to prevent HIV/AIDS and to provide support to those living with HIV/AIDS.
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[6] Warnings of STD pestilence: Paying the due penalty for unnatural sex and indecent sex acts.
Rare STD on increase in Europe and USA

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