Sea Shepherd Targets Japanese Dolphin Slaughter

Published: Thu 18 Nov 2004 10:19 AM
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society targets Japanese Dolphin Slaughter
Dolphins are slaughtered in Taiji and Futo this week, estimated 20,000 more will meet similar fate by March 2005

We have received the following information from Sakae Fujiwara/Hemmi of Elsa Nature Conservancy in Japan: Responding to an order placed by members of the dolphin captivity industry, the fishermen of Futo, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan have driven a pod of about 100 bottlenose dolphins into Futo harbor. The harbor has been sealed with a net so that the dolphins can't escape. Divers from at least two Japanese aquariums will arrive in Futo tomorrow morning to select between 20 and 30 "show-quality" dolphins for their facilities. An unnumbered Dolphins will be killed for ‘research’. The remaining dolphins are expected to be slaughtered for the ‘fish’ markets .
Dolphin and whale meat can be easily found in Japanese food markets.
The painted sign written in Japanese says, "This is marinated whale meat." Due to their exclusive seafood diet, dolphins and whales accumulate high levels of chemicals in their tissue. When humans consume their meat, gradual poisoning can occur.
Worldwide Protest - November 19 Sea Shepherd has called for a Worldwide Protest from 11:30 am – 2:00pm for Friday, November 19, against the killing of over 23,000 dolphins in Japan.
Demonstrations will be held at Japanese embassies and consulates around the world, including the consulate at ASB Bank Centre, 135 Albert Street, Auckland.
Please note that the demonstrations will take place outside the embassy and consulate buildings (on public sidewalks).
After the demonstration, the Protest Leader will distribute the international petition for later presentation to the Japanese authorities.
Every year, over 23,000 dolphins and small whales are driven onto Japanese beaches and bays to be slaughtered with spears, knives or drowned in nets while others are taken alive to be sold to dolphinariums and aquariums, where they have an extremely short life span.
In October 2003, Sea Shepherd shocked the world when a Sea Shepherd crew documented a mass slaughter of dolphins on the beach at Taiji, Japan.
The video and photos of dying dolphins and endangered melon & pilot whales struggling in a bay stained vivid red with dolphin blood was embarrassing to the Japanese government, so much so, that Sea Shepherd and other conservationists have been banned from approaching areas where dolphins are killed.
The footage and photographs are available for release by contacting Sea Shepherd. Since September 2004, Sea Shepherd has offered a reward of $10,000 to encourage people, including citizens of Japan, to document the killing.
The most graphic footage will be rewarded with the cash. This year barbed wire and plastic sheeting have been erected to prevent documentation of the barbaric practices utilized.
Sea Shepherd is also organizing an International Petition demanding that the Japanese government stop this slaughter. After the Worldwide Protest in November, the petition will be delivered to the Prime Minister and the Japanese Minister of Fisheries, as well as to embassies and consulates around the world.
Sea Shepherd is pleased to announce the release of a one-minute Public Service Announcement featuring Academy Award winning actress Susan Sarandon.
Susan has made a significant contribution to our educational campaign to bring attention to the large-scale, cruel dolphin massacre in Japan by donating her time and her voice to this project.
The PSA can be viewed on our website at or a high resolution or DVD copy can be requested by contacting Sea Shepherd.
Other well known celebrities also supporting Sea Shepherd such as Pierce Brosnan (James Bond 007), Dean Anderson (StarGate, McGyver) and Martin Sheen (West Wing). As Captain Paul Watson quipped “With the President of the United States, James Bond, McGyver and also Captain Kirk from StarTrek (William Shatner) on our side how can we not prevail!
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society was founded in 1977 by Captain Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd’s mission is to defend, conserve and protect marine wildlife and their ecosystems.
One example is the permanent loan of the Sea Shepherd vessel the ‘Sirenian’ to the Galapagos Islands reserve, the unique ecosystem was under threat from poachers and illegal fishing. Thank you for your help and efforts to save the dolphins!
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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