Govt Can't Afford To Protect Lives & Property

Published: Thu 6 Sep 2001 10:46 AM
"It should be no surprise that the majority of inmates in our failing prisons were on benefits before getting into trouble," says Libertarianz spokesman Lindsay Mitchell, referring to figures from the.1999 Prison Census.
"All the chronic funding shortages in health, education and the prison system exist because we spend outrageous amounts on working-age welfare dependants," says Mitchell, her party's assoc. spokesman to deregulate welfare. "It is ironic that the money that should be going to make our prisons effectively rehabilitative and secure is, in part, fueling the supply of up and coming criminals to fill the underfunded prisons."
"This is well researched and self-evident when we examine the prison statistics. Out-of-wedlock births and single parenthood contribute to the level of criminal activity. A Christchurch study showed that 65% of yound offenders came from single parent homes. Fatherhood and marriage are civilising influences in a society - the decline of these institutions, thanks largely to state welfare, is leaving increasing numbers of young men redundant and volatile. It is also true that a youth who has grown up without male influence is more susceptible and attracted to the male influence a gang provides."
"The current level of welfare spending is not just throwing money down a drain - it necessitates more and more 'good' money to be thrown after the 'bad' ".
"So long as we persist with the welfare system as we know it, there will never be enough money available to do what a government should be doing - protecting innocent people's lives and property, either through the police force or the prison system."
"It's frightening enough to make you vote Libertarianz!"

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