Irresponsible Racist Revolt by ACT

Published: Thu 14 Sep 2000 09:31 AM
Irresponsible Racist Revolt by ACT against CEP and free trade
Oh No! Cry Shipley and Prebble in joint co-ordination , Maori are being given better opportunities! This is the beginning of a new Apartheid!!
ACT Leader Richard Prebble is responsible for irresponsibility in his use of the term 'apartheid'.
His use of the word 'apartheid' is just as irresponsible and racist as the use of the word 'Holocaust' that offended the Jewish community.
The term 'apartheid' is being used to describe an agreement that promotes free trade and economic co-operation with a nation that has been the success story of world economies. It promotes economic friendship and advice and helps us strengthen bonds and learn from Singapore. What segregation, the promotion of links between racially different societies, shock horror!!
How does Mr. Prebble think that native South Africans would have been offended by his racist remark?
The real apartheid is the system in action today, take a look at South Auckland, how many maori are living there in poverty as opposed to Pakeha? The same is true around the country. Maori separated from pakeha through the a barrier of poverty. Maori get the worst health system and are hit the hardest by economic recessions.
That is seclusion and zoning.
And has Mr. Prebble even taken the time to read the Treaty of Waitangi clause in the CEP agreement? The agreement anticipates any conflict that might arise due to the government's commitment to Maori. Discrimination is banned unless the government gives the signal because of its Treaty of Waitangi commitment.
This could mean that trade involving natural resources would require Maori consent? And what's so wrong with that?
Around the country Maori are left behind the rest of the pack, most start out in communities devastated by drugs, crime and poverty. The least thing that New Zealand could do is help them.
Giving Maori a little head start while they're miles behind won't destroy the economy, it won't destroy the social fabric of society and it won't create another apartheid, in fact it will help destroy the present unofficial apartheid we have.
Why should we cut Maori out of free market reforms? They should be allowed to have their share in it as well and be able to share in the wealth. This will create a greater understanding by Maori for globalisation instead of the current trend of going against globalisation just because the alliance does.
So if Mr. Prebble ever wants Maori support for free market reforms I suggest he shuts up and let Maori recieve some of the benefits as well.
Dileepa Fonseka NZ Liberation Party Spokesperson for Trade
Support Liberation!(a.k.a. New and Progressive government)

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