Balance, Fairness, And Choice Restored To Rental Market

Published: Thu 11 Apr 2024 12:28 PM
ACT Leader David Seymour is celebrating the delivery of the Party’s coalition commitment to make it easier to end tenancies.
“When one Kiwi offers another Kiwi a place to live, both are better off,” says Mr Seymour.
“Landlords want to make a fair return on helping another person with a place to live, and tenants want a choice of affordable places to live. But when we skew the delicate balance of rights and obligations between landlord and tenant, both sides suffer.
“Labour skewed the balance with their divisive belief that attacking landlords would somehow help renters. They assumed the worst of Kiwis who just hope to make a fair return on helping another person with a place to live, and they failed to empower renters with greater choice in the market.
“The challenge for lawmakers is to ensure fairness while making it easier for landlords and tenants to make mutually-beneficial agreements. We’ll never achieve this by pitting one side against the other.”
The Housing Minister announced legislation today to allow landlords to end a periodic tenancy with 90 days’ notice, and return tenants’ notice period to 21 days they wish to move, and landlords’ to 42 if they wish to sell a property.
“ACT is proud to be part of a government that understands the key to helping renters is lifting supply – when more homeowners are enticed to rent out property, competition brings down prices and renters have greater options and negotiating power.
“Under Labour, renting out a home was a risky proposition. The rules made it difficult to end a tenancy, so anyone who took on a tenant risked being locked into an arrangement while their own financial or personal situation changed. Add the removal of interest deductibility – now being restored by ACT – and it’s a miracle anyone rented a home under Labour.
“By restoring flexibility and property rights to the rental market, we’re welcoming homeowners back into the rental market and empowering renters with real choice in finding a place to call home.”

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