Labour Faction Defying Hipkins On Tax Grows Larger

Published: Wed 4 Oct 2023 11:22 AM
The faction of the Labour Party openly defying Chris Hipkins on tax is growing larger by the day, with three Labour candidates revealing themselves as supporters of introducing more taxes on Kiwis, National’s Campaign Chair Chris Bishop says.
“The jungle drums are beating louder for Chris Hipkins as more Labour MPs and candidates come out of the woodwork openly campaigning for taxes he claims to have ruled out, showing the deep divisions on tax within his party,” Mr Bishop says.
“Not only would the Greens and Te Pati Māori demand higher taxes on Kiwis’ homes, businesses and retirement funds, in exchange for supporting a weakened Labour Party, it seems Chris Hipkins’ own MPs would demand the same.
“A party vote for anyone other than National risks the most tax-hungry coalition government New Zealand has ever seen.
“Today on Facebook, Ingrid Leary has doubled down on her support for a capital gains tax, again indicating that the only thing standing in the way of Labour introducing more taxes is the current leader.
“I understand that last Thursday, Labour’s Banks Peninsula MP Tracey McLellan told a residents association event audience that Labour can’t do a wealth tax yet, because people think of Labour as too ‘tax and spend’ so they’ve had to put it off.
“At a recent debate Labour’s New Plymouth MP Glen Bennett suggested the door to more taxes was ajar under his government, saying ‘we’ve looked at wealth, we’ve looked at those who earn excessive amounts of money in New Zealand and how we can work with that, we haven’t landed yet, but I’m in there to serve.’
“In Napier, Labour’s candidate is running a paid Facebook ad promoting an opinion piece that praises his public support of a capital gains tax, which says ‘Indeed he has the temerity to support a capital gains tax. Take that Chris Hipkins!’
“He isn’t even in Parliament, but obviously has no qualms about openly defying Chris Hipkins. Mr Hipkins’ colleagues do not respect him and are nakedly calling for more taxes, undermining his claims they are not part of Labour’s plans.
“These latest examples join Grant Robertson and David Parker who publicly threw their toys when Chris Hipkins delayed their plans to bring in taxes on retirement funds, homes and businesses, Damien O’Connor who said there probably isn’t enough tax, and Ibrahim Omer who said Labour has not given up on more taxes.
“With so many of his own MPs wanting more tax, and the Greens and Te Pati Māori both making the issue a bottom line for a coalition with Labour, Chris Hipkins will have to concede on introducing more taxes or risk being rolled. Either way, more taxes are coming if Labour is re-elected.
“This election is closer than many are saying and the only thing that can stop the most tax-hungry coalition in New Zealand history is a party vote for National.”

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