Charter Schools Were Tino Rangatiratanga In Action, Chris

Published: Thu 28 Sep 2023 12:19 PM
“In a speech delivered by Chris Hipkins today labelled ‘Progressing Together’, Chris Hipkins outlined the choice this election. There is the status quo, where New Zealand is more divided than ever, or all New Zealanders get an honest, healthy debate about our constitutional future,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.
“Last November a New Zealand Herald commissioned poll found 64 per cent of New Zealanders feel the country has become more divided in the past few years, compared with only 16 per cent saying it has become more united. Chris Hipkins’ answer is to carry on his own sweet way, never admitting a mistake.
“Hipkins said about me; “His new proposed Tiriti Act makes no mention of Māori or the Crown, or hapū and iwi. It refers only to “all New Zealanders”. The Treaty says that everyone should have the same rights and duties, meaning all New Zealanders. Chris Hipkins seems to think there is something wrong with saying everyone in New Zealand should be treated the same way.
“This outlines exactly why we need real change. New Zealand can’t continue this path where different sets of rights are offered based on factors beyond peoples’ control. Where will New Zealand be in fifty years’ time if the current path continues, where Kiwis are offered different rights based on their ancestry?
“Hipkins is also wrong about ACT interpreting Tino Rangatiratanga as self-determination for property only. As I've said many times, charter schools were Tino Rangatiratanga in action, self-determination for Māori, and Pacific peoples, and any community that wanted to take charge of their education, whether ethnically based or not. If Chris Hipkins believed in a wider conception of Tino Rangatiratanga, he would not have closed charter schools.
“Unfortunately, closing charter schools proved something I’ve long said. Labour will do anything for Māori except for letting us run our own schools. When push comes to shove they back Wellington’s lanyard class over self-determination for all.
“Hipkins is presenting New Zealanders with a false choice. He says that if we want to right the wrongs of the past, cherish Māori language and culture, and give all New Zealanders equal opportunity, then we must throw out universal human rights in favour of co-government.
“We can ensure Māori language and culture are preserved, that every child has equal opportunity, and that the wrongs of the past are put right. Attributing separate rights through co-government will never achieve this, it only causes more division.
“Only a Party Vote for ACT this election will bring about a government which treats all New Zealanders as equals.”

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