Manage Snapper Catch More Responsibly Says NZ First

Published: Thu 22 Aug 2013 03:31 PM
Richard Prosser MP
Spokesperson for Fisheries
22 August 2013
Manage Snapper Catch More Responsibly Says NZ First
New Zealand First says the fish stock in the Snapper 1 Fishery needs to be managed far more responsibly to avoid further depletion of the inshore fisheries resource.
Fisheries and Outdoor Recreation Spokesman Richard Prosser says the controversy over plans to limit the recreational catch shows serious flaws in the entire approach to managing the inshore fisheries resource fairly to all parties.
“The snapper fishery is a finite resource, and it needs to be husbanded responsibly and sustainably.
“There is a maximum harvest which may be taken from it while preserving sufficient breeding stock to keep the fishery at a sustainable level.”
Mr Prosser says the needs of ordinary people must be taken into account and their interests should not be regarded as secondary to the allowable commercial catch.
“The right of all New Zealanders to catch a feed is sacrosanct and they must be treated fairly. In turn, recreational fishers must continue to do their bit to conserve stocks and comply with fishing regulations.
“Commercial operators have to play the game as well and the Government needs to implement measures to stop the killing of juvenile fish, dumping, and other wasteful fishing practices.
“The Government must create a climate for Fisheries officials to come down hard on the commercial sector if operators fail to comply with agreed conservation measures.
“This country’s fisheries resource belongs to the nation and the people, and not to the mates of the National Party. Everyone must be treated fairly,” says Mr Prosser.

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