National Radio Midday Bulletin

Published: Mon 22 Nov 1999 12:17 AM
ELECTION: Jenny Shipley has described her party as the underdog in the election on Saturday as all the parties campaign for the floating vote in Auckland.
AUCKLAND: Jim Anderton and Jenny Shipley bumped into each other while campaigning on an Auckland Street today.
FLOOD: Flood affected retailers in Queenstown are meeting with the Council today to try and work out how to get their bussinesses up and running again. Meanwhile the cleanup continues.
RELIEF: The government is expected to announce a flood relief package today.
VESSEL: A navy vessel will begin the search for a missing plane which disappeared yesterday near Amberly.
GREENS: The Green Party is calling on all food manufacturers to publish a list of which foods contain genetically engineered ingredients. A labelling regime is due in 18 months but the Greens say this is too long to wait.
RUSSIAN: The Russian government says the offensive in Chechnya will continue until all rebels are crushed. Russian troops are approaching the capital of Grozny.
DEATH: A Wanganui man charged with causing the death of a boy through having an illegal bomb appeared for a depositions trial today.
TUMOR: The police inquiry into a thirteen year old boy who died from a cancer tumor on his leg has been forwarded to the Crown for a further examination. There are concerns the boy’s family failed to give him proper medical treatment.
REPORTS: Three reports into problems of growth and transport in Auckland will be released this afternoon.
STUDENT: An Onehunga High School has been suspended from the school for six weeks wearing a nose stud. The fifteen year old is Indian and says it is a part of her culture.
DESERT ROAD: The Desert Road has reopened after a fatal crash around 7am closed the road.
SCIENTISTS: Scientists have drilled a record 939 meters below the Antarctic sea bed and found an unexpected fault line.
CRISP: Gay activist Quentin Crisp has died.
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