Scoop Ratings – Yesterday’s Top 20

Published: Thu 26 Aug 1999 07:55 AM
The Top 20 rating items on the Scoop site yesterday were…
1: Don't Turn us into Irish Component Assemblers
Bank managers and receivers hear the same story every day: businesses never go under through bad management. They fail because of the competition from cheap imports, or the exchange rate, or lack of subsidies. Not long ago, it was the exchange rate. ...
2: Soapbox: Kei te korero au i te reo Maori
Those people who know me personally would not describe me as the sort of person who is often lost for words. But during the past weekend I have been very quiet indeed. It's not that I haven't had a lot to say; in fact, the opposite is true. But the ...
3: Police Say On Your Way To Sex Workers
Police are cracking down on Auckland’s homeless, street-kids, and sex workers in the run up to the APEC leader’s summit meetings next month.
4: Questions Of The Day (7-12)
Mental Health - Bright Future Scholarships - Fishing Cost Recovery - Hot Spot Policing - Tax Simplification - Home Detention
5: Questions Of The Day (1-6)
Employment And Economy - Ascot Hospital - Tony Ryall - Timberlands - Super Universities - Waitangi Tribunal
6: Questions Of The Day (1-4)
South Auckland Health - Timberlands - Winebox - Winebox
7: Nats Losing Support to Labour, NZ First, Greens
The tide continues to turn against the National Party. Their Bright Future announcement has failed to translate into votes while the Winebox victory of Winston Peters immediately puts New Zealand First right back in the picture.
8: Student Loan Changes Widely Misunderstood
Government changes to the student loan scheme announced in November last year - and then again last week - are perhaps one of the most poorly communicated government announcements in recent times. Scoop's Jonathan Hill reports.
9: Questions For Oral Answer Wednesday, 25 August 199
Today's Questions for oral answer by Ministers.
10: IRD's Graham Holland Is Seeking Advice On Magnum
IRD Commissioner Graham Holland has just spoken to the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee saying he will be seeking advice from the Solicitor General on further prosecution of the "Magnum Transaction", at the centre of the Winebox inquiry.
11: Helen Clark speech to Employers Federation
I have come here today well aware that the Employers' Federation has in many respects nailed its colours to the mast of the policies of the present government. But I also come well aware that Labour's positive programme for industry and business development ...
12: Another Two Cent Petrol Price Rise At Caltex
New Zealand¹s fourth biggest oil company has announced a two cent per litre increase in the retail price of petrol and diesel effective from midnight tonight (Wednesday 25 August 1999).
13: Questions of the Day (9-12)
Ryall on Timberlands - INCIS - Economic Growth - Tau Henare's Behaviour
14: Questions of the Day (5-8)
Timberlands - ACC - Knowledge Economy - Immunisation Database
15: Jim Anderton's speech to Employers Fed conference
I'm delighted to have the opportunity to speak to this Employers Federation conference today.
16: Rebels Storm Otago University Students Association
Visit for more information
17: Remuera Minister Supports Same-Sex Commitment
In contrast to the conservative Christian views of Graham Capill, Presbyterian Minister David S. Clark writes that he welcomes talk of same-sex marriages.
18: PM Speech To Employers Federation
New Zealand is doing well. We're growing at 3 percent a year. New jobs are being created each day. New Zealanders want jobs for their kids and themselves.
19: Imports Continue to Rise
The level of merchandise imports continued to rise during July 1999, according to Statistics New Zealand figures released today. Imports of cars and household consumption goods were leading contributors to the growth in July.
20: New Zealand – World Peace Capital
If Sino - US diplomatic efforts are successful, next month's APEC conference in Auckland could see New Zealand become the new peace capital of the world, establishing an entirely new industry in the process. John Howard reports.
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