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Published: Thu 7 Oct 2004 09:30 AM
Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
1: Why Not Just Genetically Engineer Women For Milk?
MAdGE (Mothers Against Genetic Engineering in Food and the Environment) today launched a highly controversial billboard campaign in Auckland and Wellington to provoke public debate about the social and cultural ethics of genetic engineering in New Zealand.
2: In Aotearoa, It Is The Year Of Pasifika
AUCKLAND (Lali Media/Pacific Media Watch): There¹s no denying 2004 is the year of Pasifika in Aotearoa --- and we still have three months to go.
3: Not A CNN Embed Report: The Situation In Samarra
SCOOP EDITOR'S NOTE: The following message was forwarded to Scoop by a member of the Wellington activist community. It contains an eyewitness report of the battle for Samarra. It appears to come from a CNN correspondent providing a completely different ...
4: Streets Of London: ‘Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Euro!
An anti-Euro campaign film featuring a mock Adolf Hitler declaring his support for a Europe united under one currency has caused outrage in Britain, particularly angering Jewish and war veterans leaders.
5: Goff names new High Commissioner to Tonga
New Zealand’s next High Commissioner to Tonga will be career diplomat Michael McBryde, Foreign Minister Phil Goff announced today.
6: Questions for Oral Answer - 6 October 2004
1. MARC ALEXANDER to the Minister of Justice: Can he confirm that it is the Government's policy not to change the legal status of cannabis; if so, is he confident that other policies implemented by his ministerial colleagues are consistent with this commitment?
7: Undernews Special: Costs Of The Iraq War
*** KEY FINDINGS *** 1. U.S. Military Casualties Have Been Highest During the "Transition": U.S. military casualties (wounded and killed) stand at a monthly average of 747 since the so-called "transition" to Iraqi rule on June 28, 2004. This contrasts with a ...
8: Questions & Answers for Oral Answer - 5 October
1. Powerco—Sale 2. Algerian Refugee—Security Risk Certificate 3. Tainui—Government Consultation 4. Economy—Skill Needs 5. Community Employment Group—Disestablishment 6. Prisoners—Compensation 7. Prisoners—Compensation 8. Early Childhood Education—Policy
9: PowerLess NZ - The 2007 Peak Oil date explained
The real point is not so much the exact date of peak but the statement that the First Half of the Oil Age, which was characterised by growing production, is about to be followed by the Second Half when oil production is set to decline along with all ...
10: Investigation: Inside The Waiouru RF Cadet School
Lauded as the prime source of the New Zealand Army's future Senior NCOs and Officers, for 50 years the Regular Force Cadet School has kept secret a far more sinister aspect to its existence.
11: Victims Of Army Cadet School Violence Sought
A former cadet at the New Zealand Army Waiouru Cadet School is working to raise awareness of what he says was widespread physical, psychological and sexual abuse of cadets as young as 15 at the school in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. He hopes to get Government ...
12: Public Address 06/10/04 - Alternative Reality News
Donald Rumsfeld says he has not seen "any strong, hard evidence" linking the old Iraqi regime and al Qaeda. Hardly surprising: no one has. Then he has to rush out a damage-control statement in which he claims to have been "regrettably misunderstood." ...
13: Valenzuela: Eternal Darkness of the American Mind
The prevalent and continued decline of the Empire’s mind can be attributed to the evolving degeneration of American capitalism, through the inherent evils it espouses, its subjugation and control of human nature, and its consequences on a society entangled ...
14: Images: Departing LOTR Stars Meet Their Planes
The Lord of the Ring's stars come face to face with themselves on the side of Air NZ planes as they bid New Zealand goodbye at Wellington Airport before boarding the Air New Zealand 767 emblazoned with giant images of the characters Aragorn and Arwen.
15: Paul Buchanan: The Return To Dictatorship
Around a decade ago two proclamations were made by prominent US scholars: the demise of the Soviet bloc had brought about ''the end of history'' in which a ''third wave'' of democratization would result in the extension of liberal democracy, or at least ...
16: Diebold Memos Disclose Florida 2000 E-Voting Fraud
Something very strange happened in Volusia County on election night November 2000, the night that first Gore won Florida, then Bush, and then as everybody can so well remember there was a tie.
17: Images: Lord Of The Rings Exhibition At Te Papa
In anticipation of the release of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, the central instalment in writer/director/producer Peter Jackson's epic trilogy based on the J.R.R. Tolkien masterpiece, Te Papa proudly announces a world exclusive and a bold ...
18: STORY OF THE WEEK: Presidential Debates (1)
STORY OF THE WEEK: Week Ending 8 October - The First Presidential Debates (1)
19: UQ Wire: Harper's Cover - 9/11 Report A Whitewash
In an essay of the new October Issue of "Harper's Magazine", editor and professor Benjamin DeMott describes, ''how the 9/11 Commission Report defrauds the nation''.
20: UN: Refugees Are Facing Less Friendly Environment
Driven by prevailing fear, confusion and the politicization of humanitarian concerns, the world has become less friendly towards refugees - even though the number of people seeking asylum has fallen steeply - the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ...
21: Marc Ash: Edwards v. Halliburton
The Bush campaign has its game face on in the aftermath of the first debate between Mr. Kerry and Mr. Bush, but there has to be some low level panic setting in based on Mr. Bush's performance.
22: Why Washington Won't Save Darfur Villagers
September 21, Salih Booker, the director of the Africa Studies Program at the Washington-based Council on Foreign Relations ruling-class think tank, argued in the International Herald Tribune that the US government has failed to convince the UN Security Council ...
23: Noriega: Remarks at the Miami Americas Conference
At the outset, let me extend condolences and express my solidarity to all of those--some of whom are with us today--who have been affected by the terrible storms that have passed through Florida and the Caribbean in recent weeks. We stand by our friends ...
24: War Criticism Only Emboldens The Opposition - WH
Coral Gables, Fla.-- President Bush spent the weekend in a funk, questioning his decision to invade a defanged country that did not represent an imminent threat to the United States.
25: Michael Cullen caught out telling two stories
"Michael Cullen should be more up-front about interest rates with Kiwi mortgage holders, after being caught out telling one story to the Americans and another here at home," says National's Finance spokesman John Key.
26: Vietnam vets are owed an apology
Green MP Sue Kedgley today called on the Government to offer a full public apology to veterans of the Vietnam War for the refusal of successive administrations to accept their exposure to Agent Orange and to provide adequate treatment for the illness ...
27: UN To Vaccinate 80 Million Africans Against Polio
At least 80 million children across 23 countries in sub-Saharan Africa will be immunized against polio over the next two years - the largest single public health campaign in history - in an attempt to protect the continent's children from the threat of ...
28: Hartmann: Who Was Right About the Global Test?
The day after his first debate with John F. Kerry, in a speech before a handpicked and adoring audience, George W. Bush recalled a moment from the evening before.
29: Penetrating the invisible web improves business
Knowledge workers spend on average 15 percent of their time looking for business information or research on the web - but half of their searches are unsuccessful.
30: Fighting Talk – Elections And The Ginger Media
WANTED: Journalistic protégé to acerbic and elegant New Conservatives spokesman. Must enjoy rambling romps along headlined beaches, support the state of Israel and prefer Soft News. Knowledge of html and blogging admired (and deeply needed). NSOH. ...
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