Scoop: Weekend Ratings

Published: Mon 14 Oct 2002 02:41 PM
The weekend’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
1: British Press Gagged Over MI6's £100,000 bin Laden
Tony Blair has tonight ordered a D-Notice on British media reporting government officials signing court gag orders. This regards the case of former MI5 officer David Shayler, who has evidence to prove MI6 gave £100,000 to bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, arms to Iraq ...
2: Jason Leopold – Shafted By The New York Times
Editor's Note: This is a story about a story. A great story. A scoop that ought to see a member of George Bush's cabinet at least indicted, if not behind bars. But that is not what has happened. This is a scoop, that for reasons unknown to its author, ...
3: US Army Secretary Helped Cook Enron's Books
Three months before he was nominated as secretary of the Army by President Bush, Thomas White faced what surely was the most difficult task in his 10-year career as an Enron executive: Helping hide the hundreds of millions of dollars in losses ...
4: Scoop Images: Un-American Graffiti
Images of some graffiti which recently appeared in the Manawatu Gorge, New Zealand and surrounding area. Submitted by a Scoop reader.
5: Uri Avnery : A Jewish Demographic State
It sounds like a bad joke, but it really happened: A rabbi went from Israel to Peru, converted a group of Native Americans to Judaism, brought them to this country and put them in a settlement, on land taken away from its Palestinian owners. There they ...
6: Energy and LOTR actor sow seeds for climate change
Convenor of the Ministerial Group on Climate Change Hon Pete Hodgson will launch a special climate change booklet for students at South Wellington Intermediate on Tuesday 15 October, 9-10am.
7: NEWSFLASH: At Least One Kiwi Dead In Bali Bombing
Two car bombs in Bali Indonesia this morning which have killed at least 67 people, mainly foreigners, have also killed at least one New Zealander according to the latest reports.
8: White House Accused Of Halting 911 Commission
EDITOR’S NOTE: In breaking news over the last two days President George Bush has been accused of double speak over the creation of an Independent Commission to investigate the events surrounding the attacks of September 11th 1991. The following reports ...
9: Reader Feedback To Jason Leopold’s Story
Journalism is a profession I've always wanted to be in. It's the only thing in life I was ever sure about. These letters remind me of why I got became a journalist in the first place.
10:'s Response to Jason Leopold & His Reply
Salon's account of the circumstances that led up to the removal of the Tom White story contains nothing but lies. I suppose the New York Times will now release their version of the events. I can see the headline now "Jason Leopold Must Die."
11: The Real Deal: Connecting The Harvard Watch Dots
I want to connect the dots between the New York Times piece attached below on transfer of US government assets to private investors at below market values to the far more important story we have been getting from HARVARD WATCH ( ...
12: Supercomputer Weather: Kyle Heads For Downtown D.C
Tropical Storm Kyle Off The Coast Of Florida (Pictured Oct. 10th) Kyle In His Context – Large Image Of Entire Eastern Seaboard
13: A U.S. Military Governor for Iraq?
News leaks from Washington, and published in the New York Times (October 11, 2002) indicated that the U.S. military is preparing for a lengthy occupation of Iraq, with a U.S. military commander running the country.
14: Naked In Nuhaka: Alien Feelings Rise In Godzone
Today I waited in a queue at a Gisborne bank. There were five people ahead of me. Three were Maori, Two were Pacific Islanders, both the tellers were Maori and the manager sat in her office - a Maori. The sixth person in the queue was me - a third ...
15: UQ Wire: 911 - They Let It Happen On Purpose!
Imagine you wake up from a coma and you learn that 11 months ago, an "Attack on America" destroyed some significant buildings, killed 3,000 people and forced a war against terrorism. You switch on the news and see pictures of Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, ...
16: France Italy Spain & The UK Should Say No To US
International Criminal Court: Foreign ministers of France, Italy, Spain and the UK should say no to impunity agreements
17: Live Election Results: Party Vote Status Table
ON THIS PAGE: Live Election Results - Overall Status (Party Vote) - Polling Places Counted - Total Votes Counted - Special Votes - This Page is updated every minute - PRESS REFRESH FOR LATEST RESULTS....
18: NITA: We're Not The 51st State Of Anything
“We’re not the 51st state of anything.” - British Prime Minster “Tony” Blair at Labour Party Congress He is right of course. British citizens cannot vote in American elections. Citizens can.
19: Boat Race Advertising On Scoop = Smart Business
Scoop is New Zealand’s leading independent online news provider. Our readership levels of 10,000 visitors a day provide advertisers with a credible – and extremely cost effective - alternative to advertising in the business newspapers (NBR, the Independent), ...
20: UQ Wire: The Madness Of America
As we approach a preemptive war with Iraq, in violation of just about every known principle of civilized nations and, more particularly, of international law, certain things have become clearer in my mind. Yesterday I was talking to someone about whether ...
21: Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2002 - Jimmy Carter
The Nobel Peace Prize Committee announced at 5:01 am EST that this year's recipient is Jimmy Carter, former U.S. President from 1978-1981.
22: HARD NEWS Advisory: It's Coming Along
A quick update on the new Hard News: we're probably still about three weeks from launch, but you are most welcome to go and look at the placeholders at:
23: Keith Rankin - Motorway Madness
John Banks wants to give Auckland a triple by-pass. Imagine a doctor telling a patient with blocked arteries that she must wait 15 years for a triple by-pass, when the alternative single bypass could be achieved much sooner.
24: ACC Bullying - Our Patience Wears Thin
The patience of New Zealander's will be wearing rather thin with the Accident Compensation Corporation following the latest revelations over the weekend by the Sunday Star-Times that doctor's are putting some ACC case manager's on a black-list over their bullying. ...
25: President Bush's Statement on Senate Iraq Vote
With tonight's vote in the United States Senate, America speaks with one voice. The Congress has spoken clearly to the international community and the United Nations Security Council. Saddam Hussein and his outlaw regime pose a grave threat to the ...
26: The Right Talk - From Bill English's Desk
National continues to front-foot the rotting homes crisis. This week Bill English was calling for heads to roll over the crisis with news out that the Building Industry Authority has known about the problem for at least three years.
27: Caracas is Calm: An Eyewitness Account
Narco News Publisher's Commentary: The shrieking press coverage in recent days by the commercial media in the United States and Venezuela, and by other parties invested in that country's conflicts (including some U.S. "human rights" groups ...
28: Republicans Make the US Elections Voting Machines
The story is not about allegations of fraud — it's about an appearance of impropriety that is stunning in its magnitude. Unfettered by any disclosure regulations about ownership or political affiliations, just a few companies create and control almost ...
29: Big News + Extra: The Right To Smack & ACC Failure
Big News with Dave Crampton Why Should It Be A Crime To Smack Your Kid On The Hand?
30: US Armed Saddam Hussein With Chemical Weapons
On August 18, the New York Times carried a front-page story headlined, ``Officers say U.S. aided Iraq despite the use of gas''. Quoting anonymous US ``senior military officers'', the NYT ``revealed'' that in the 1980s, the administration of US President ...
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