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Published: Wed 28 Aug 2002 08:13 AM
Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
1: UQ Wire: 911 - They Let It Happen On Purpose!
Imagine you wake up from a coma and you learn that 11 months ago, an "Attack on America" destroyed some significant buildings, killed 3,000 people and forced a war against terrorism. You switch on the news and see pictures of Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, ...
2: Pakistan Border Crossing - By Alastair Mcleod
EDITOR’S NOTE: Intrepid Kiwi journalist Alastair McLeod died on Saturday in Kabul. The following farewell note and travelogue are offered here in his memory. Farewell Sam.
3: David Miller: Al-Qaeda Deals the US Another Blow
The discovery of a large archive of video footage in the remains of an al-Qaeda training camp could not have come at a worst time for the United States. For one thing, the first anniversary of the September 11 attacks is only a few weeks away. Given that ...
4: The New Write - 26th August 2002
5: For what ails you - A dose of pregnant mares urine
With the recent high profile backtrack on the latest women’s wonder drug HRT; thousands of New Zealand women have gone on high alert. They’re terrified, as one of my Ponsonby friends reported over her soy latté, that the medical profession has once again used ...
6: Speech from the Throne
It is a privilege for me to exercise the prerogative of Her Majesty the Queen and open the 47th Parliament.
7: Govt/Green Party Co-operation Agreement
The Green Party Parliamentary caucus (Green Party) and the Labour/Progressive government are committed to having a constructive relationship based on good faith for this term of Parliament.
8: Two Towers Premiere In Paris Theatre
It's now official, the premiere of Peter Jackson's The Two Towers will take place in Le Grand Rex Theater on 10 December 2002.
9: Not the Speech from the Throne
The Alliance today released its own “Speech from the Throne” top ten priority list, highlighting the lost opportunity to deal with the chronic under funding of health and education services and increasing inequality.
10: Greens Pleased With Front Bench Allocation
The Green Party is pleased with the Speaker's decision to allocate front bench seats in proportion to party size, Co-leader Rod Donald said today.
11: Government Programme Lacks Vision
The Government's programme as outlined in the Governor General's message shows Labour has not learned why it lost eleven percent support during the election, ACT Leader Richard Prebble said today.
12: Images: Portland George Bush Protest Turns Nasty
The following images and press statement come from the Portland Indymedia website which is carrying extensive coverage of the Bush Protest and its aftermath. See…
13: UQ Wire: 911 Hijackers Who Lived At A US Navy Base
Come Fly With Me? A Saudi Flying Instructor Who Died Mysteriously On May 8 Had The Same Name as Two 9/11 Hijackers Who Lived At The Same U.S. Naval Air Base
14: ZZZzzzttt Feedback
In This Edition: GOD Bless Scoop – My Oath - Maree Howard article, re: ACCountability - Kiwi Speak
15: UQ Wire: Harken Energy Chronology
PLEASE NOTE: This is a work in progress and will be updated periodically. Check back at for the latest version.
16: UQ Wire: Wag The Gassed Dog
WAG THE GASSED DOG By Michael Rivero & When Puppies Die - On Animal Abuse, Al-Qaeda's Got Nothin' on the US Military By Jeremy Sapienza
17: "We Are Not The Enemy!" - The Battle of Portland
The image is chilling. A middle-aged woman, plainly dressed, with a puff of auburn hair, is clutched in a hammer-lock by a Portland police officer dressed in full riot gear. His riot baton is jammed high under her chin. Around her, three more armor-clad ...
18: Saudi Arabia: The Sarajevo of the 21st Century?
Is Iraq a Diversion from the Real Invasion or Will Bush Try to Occupy Both Countries at Once? - by Michael C. Ruppert of From The Wilderness
19: Howard's End: The Battle For ACCountability
The public spotlight has again been turned on ACC after claimants discovered that its Board of Directors consists of some financial whizz-kids who, they allege, are allowing bad behaviour by ACC employees to continue unabated.
20: ERMA review
Environment Minister Marian Hobbs says she is happy for certain aspects of the Environmental Risk Management Authority's operations to be reviewed as discussed with the Green Party.
21: Scoop Images: The View From The Top
Three images taken by “some guys from the Edge to Edge shop in National Park” today. Thanks guys!
22: No Heart, No Urgency, No Conviction
Today's speech from the throne had no heart in it, says National Party Leader Bill English.
23: Govt. Greens sign formal co-operation agreement
Prime Minister Helen Clark said today that the government was pleased to be able to sign a formal co-operation agreement with the Green Party’s Members of Parliament.
24: Richard Prebble's Letter from Wellington 26/8/2002
The new Parliament met today to elect the Speaker. Tomorrow the Governor-General will deliver the speech from the throne, setting out the government's programme, and on Wednesday we'll hear from the other parties. It's going to be interesting.
25: Moral framework
In the space of one week we have had ten-year-olds smoking pot and watching porn, two major murder trials involving kids and now 14-year-old girls on trial for murder. And even a six-year-old girl raped by school kids. What are we to do?
26: Activists in 40-Day Fast to Protest Iraq Attack
The Bush administration's plan to wage war against Iraq has run into opposition from some unexpected quarters in recent weeks.
27: CYF Ill-Served By NZ's Hypocritical Cannabis Law
NZ's recent wave of teenage killings is a product of alienation from rule of law, and the mechanism of cannabis injustice is unmistakably fuelling a cycle of violation in the community, say the Mild Greens.
28: Charity Begins At Home, Immigration Minister
New Zealand First has called on the Government to stop bringing in any more so-called refugees while New Zealanders are dying because of poor housing conditions and mentally ill people are being thrown on the streets.
29: Review Of ERMA Caving In To Pressure From Greens
The Government has once again caved in to pressure from the Greens over GE by agreeing to review ERMA, says National's biotechnology spokesperson Dr Paul Hutchison.
30: Uniting Education Proves Big Hit
A recently-launched website aimed at linking all New Zealand educational institutions and their users is receiving a staggering 105,000 hits a month.
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