Published: Thu 8 Feb 2001 12:00 AM updated
February 8th 2001
On there are background stories on world affairs with and emphasis on environmental and humanitarian subjects.
Conflict Zones:
Sierra Leone:
Refugees are starting to move away from the Guinea border to new camps set up by the UN.
Wahid gets breathing space
World Affairs:
The French businessmen alleged to be at the heart of a major corruption scandal, Alfred Sirven, has been extradited to France.
The Sharon Legacy
Europeans must accept that the US president, George Bush, would deploy the controversial national missile defence.
Computer hackers are reported to have obtained confidential information in Switzerland - including private phone numbers and credit card details - on 27,000 of the world's political and business leaders, including Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, and Yasser Arafat.
The toppling of a corrupt Filipino president was not a victory for "people power"
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology:
Canadian Royal Society, Expert Panel on GMOs confirms need for immediate moratorium
Monsanto beanfeast as BSE crisis bites
All life on Earth could be destroyed by genetically modified bacteria
Free Trade / WTO:
Everybody in Davos knows that there is a problem with globalisation
USA Action At WTO Threatens Brazil’s Successful Aids Programme
100 AIDS NGOs in Brazil approved this letter on the
complain that the US government is presenting before WTO against
Public & Mental Health:
The cost of HIV/AIDS drugs
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