Published: Tue 6 Feb 2001 02:06 PM updated is a discussion forum for sceptical ideas and topical issues. The latest additions include items on : East Timor . West Papua - Irian Jaya . General News . World Affairs . Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology . Free Trade / WTO . Nukes
Conflict Zones:
East Timor:
The conflict may be over, but for the women of East Timor, there is another battle to be won
West Papua - Irian Jaya:
Background information on the current political issue affecting Indonesia and Papua
Historical background to the conflict
General News:
A few little words is all it takes to turn your rational brain to jelly
Bye bye Bill
A convicted killer described by defence lawyers as borderline mentally retarded was the first African American woman to be executed in the United States since 1954.
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World Affairs:
Mikhail Gorbachev's open letter to George W Bush
The centre of a huge money-laundering and arms-trafficking scandal involving the illicit sale to Angola. The French arms scandal
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology:
69% of New Zealanders are concerned about the GMOs in food
A transgenic rabbit that glows green when you expose it to blue light
SCOPE is establishing on-line, intellectual communities focused on current controversies in science that concern leading research scientists and also connect to the interests of the general public
At a slaughterhouse that supplies meat to McDonald's restaurants in Italy and elsewhere in Europe
Alarm is growing in the United States that the efforts to guard against the import of mad cow disease may not have been successful.
Monsanto’s GE wheat could be the next best thing for sliced bread.
Free Trade / WTO:
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Simplistic theories of the automatic and universal benefits of trade liberalisation have never stood up to scrutiny.
"We know what works: free markets work." (who said that?)
A global campaign against exploitation of third-world workers could force women back to brothels
Nuke “mishaps” that the US would like not to be remembered
The UK Guardian interactive article on the Depleted Uranium issue
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