Published: Thu 11 Jan 2001 02:55 PM updated
11th January 2001
World Affairs:
BBC World Service Religion explores the history of Islam and examines the future of the faith in the modern world.
“I have a right to …” BBC audio feature
Life on the scrapheap
Women in political power, reveal what it takes
This is the beginning of a major crisis.
In view of the additional UN sanctions, UN agencies withdrew their international staff, bringing their vital relief operations almost to a standstill.
Echelon Watch:
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology:
Europe’s growing concern over BSE
Germany's health and agriculture ministers resign amid allegations that they mishandled the country's BSE crisis.
Increased profits of almost threefold in the last year on sales of organic food for Prince of Wales
Organic farming is increasingly the saviour of Britain's rare wildlife, the vernment's top conservation adviser said yesterday.
Germany unveiled plans yesterday to promote organic farming
The GE stock-feed (StarLink) controversy in the US could cost the food industry billions of dollars and has thrown the future of genetically modified foods into doubt
NZ Border checks will be in place by March to test for genetically engineered material in imported seed shipments
The NZ Herald checks our supermarket for GE food
Use Greenpeace’s database for your own supermarket trolley
Despite over 90% of submissions against GE trees field trials, ERMA approves the deal
Read about the details of the ERMA submission process results
Defence Policy:
The Laboratory of War
BBC coverage of the Depleted Uranium munitions issue
The UK Guardian special report
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