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Published: Tue 21 Nov 2000 08:16 AM
Yesterday's top 20 rating items on Scoop (Hobbits excluded) were...
1: Cookie Time Interim Injunction Update
Guy Pope-Mayell the director of South Island Cookie Time Ltd, whose company this week went to the Auckland District Court seeking an Interim Injunction against Griffins Foods with respect to the Fair Trading Act said,
2: International Sex Industry Conference
BANGKOK, Thailand -- International prostitutes, union organizers, researchers and others have gathered to try and legalize commercial sex worldwide, but a California stripper said Thailand was too shy to even discuss the issue openly.
3: Sludge Report #40 – Waiting For The Guillotine
In this edition: Waiting For The Guillotine – What Goes Around Comes Around - Sludge Examines the US Elections And Its Aftermath
5: HARD NEWS 17/11/00 - A Vote of Confidence
GOOD DAY MEDIAPHILES ... export growth is rampant, retail sales robust. The balance of payments, so long in the red, is heading for recovery, and business confidence will, at worst, be neutral in the months to come. How nice of Bill English to give ...
6: "Top 10" Kids' Picks Of The Hottest New Toys
Duracell Announces "Top 10" Kids' Picks Of The Hottest New Toys For The Holiday Season
7: US Elections: The Only Game In Town
It's the only game in town. The Stanford-Cal college football Battle for the Axe, of course. It's early Saturday afternoon here in sunny Berkeley and the streets are running red with Stanford supporters - even the florist shops have corsages in either ...
8: Richard Prebble's Letter From Wellington #39
Helen Clark's visionless speech and the choice of a professional election campaigner as party president is a clear indication that Labour's sole objective is to be re-elected. Neither Mike Williams or Clark have stated any vision of how New Zealand can a prosperous ...
9: Scoop Images: Greens In The House
Several Green MPs in action in the house. Photographs by Mark Graham - Co-Leader Rod Donald - Nandor Tanczos - Nandor Tanczos - Sue Bradford
10: National has no housing policy : Ryall Lazy
"It is clear that the National Party has no housing policy," Housing Minister Mark Gosche said from Melbourne today.
12: Defence Response To Sixty Minutes '3RAR' Report
Deputy Chief of Army, Major General Peter Leahy reiterated tonight that the allegations made on the Sixty Minutes programme are currently the focus of military justice proceedings.
13: Computer snooping devices bug Ryall
National's Justice spokesman Tony Ryall says he has concerns about the Government's plans to install permanent listening devices at internet service providers - meaning any communication traffic can be tapped into by the police and security agencies ...
14: Helen Clark Keynote Address To Labour Conference
Well, it hasn’t always been fun – but then as Jim Anderton occasionally observes, one bad day in government is better than years in opposition! And so it's proved to be.
15: Chisholm, 1066, And All That Sludge!
After 1066 days of Sludgegate, Adrian Chisholm will tomorrow get his day in court – although not at 10 o’clock as previously announced!
16: National Radio 8am Bulletin
Open Skies Agreement – Labour Party – US Elections – Peru – Japan – Auckland Grammar – Tainui – Whaling – Climate Talks
17: Fun and Sex in the City
A racy new television drama series, set in a red light district, has been given the green light for funding from NZ On Air.
18: Reality a bitter pill to swallow for PM
"The Prime Minister's dismissive response to US Admiral Dennis Blair shows how badly out of touch this Government is with our international defence responsibilities," National's Defence spokesman Wayne Mapp said today.
19: Government Appoints State Sector Standards Board
19 November 2000 State Services Minister Trevor Mallard today announced the members of the advisory board that will assist the Government to set values and expectations for State servants under the Labour/Alliance Government.
20: English-on-line November 17th
English-on-line spent a day or two glued to CNN watching the best of the best a political junkie could ever wish for. Politicians who don’t like elections aren’t really politicians. You see elections reaffirm for us politicians that we do matter after all.
21: Internet Now Available On TV
New Zealanders now have a simple and affordable new way to surf the Internet - on their home TV.
22: Tainui settlement
The Minister in Charge of Treaty Negotiations, Margaret Wilson says that following yesterday's meeting of Te Kauhanganui o Waikato Inc, it appears that the vacancies on the executive body, Te Kaumaarua have been filled.
4: Scoop Images: Lake Hobbitton - Another View
11: Scoop Images: Hobbiton By The Water
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