Published: Mon 30 Oct 2000 02:55 PM
29th Oct 2000
Conflict Zones:
West Papua - Irian Jaya:
"It has been investigated by the Indonesian government that there is no real U.S. intervention here and there are no U.S. spies in Papua or Irian Jaya,"
US citizen (Aaron Ward Maness) deported, charged with espionage in Irian Jaya.
In West Papua, we are seeing a pattern that is familiar from East Timor, with newly created militias getting weapons and lavish subsidies from Indonesian sources.
"One country, one nation, one language"
Foreign Intelligence With New Mask
Embattled Indonesian President Abdurrahman Wahid has challenged lawmakers to attempt to impeach him.
Lebanon - Israel:
Israel Moves - Quickly - To Beef Up Its Submarine Force
An interactive map of the current conflict
We always love Arab leaders who know how to keep control.
a large number of civilian deaths in Pidie District, Aceh
Participatory Democracy
Submissions to public processes
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology
BSE special report, Guardian, UK.
"no conceivable risk from beef" BBC on BSE.
Moments of Shocked Silence About Biotech
A draft report prepared for the world's governments says that the earth may heat up much more than current forecasts suggest.
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