Context Update - 8/9/2000

Published: Fri 8 Sep 2000 02:33 PM
Context Update
8th September 2000
Conflict Zones:
Sierra Leone
The West Side boys want the same deal that Sierra Leone's former military ruler, Valentine Strasser got for an overseas education
In the meantime Britain has 150 paratroopers as a "contingency measure"
A senior RAF officer has been advising mercenaries who have Sandline connections, fly helicopter gunships and are funded by international diamond companies
Q: Sierra Leone's troubles
East Timor
Ban Arms Sales to Indonesia Unless Timor Militias Stopped
U.N. Workers Evacuated After 3 Killed in Western Timor
OXFAM, Oz on the anniversary
The Solomons
A forgotten conflict, AI report
Moluccas - Moluku
Photo Gallery Moluku
An extensive profile
Human Rights Watch today called on Indonesian authorities to step up efforts to find a missing human rights activist, Jafar Siddiq Hamzah
General News:
Australia to reduce its commitments to UN human rights treaty bodies
World Affairs:
Ignored and undermined, its treaties unratified, its fees unpaid, the sometime saviour of the world has sunk toward irrelevance
Koffi Annan on the role of the United Nations in the 21st century
Is much of the world is tuning Washington out at the Millenium summit?
The Washington Post on the Vatican report
UK Independent on the Vatican report
How much more clearly can God speak?
That Vatican report itself
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology:
Faster than you can say Roundup Ultra, Monsanto's new owners have finalized plans to start selling the St. Louis seed and chemical giant.
Eleven members of the USDA's Advisory Committee on Agricultural Biotechnology want to pull the plug on government involvement in Terminator technology.
GM field 'damaged to attract publicity' to protest
Panel will call for $3.2 billion in biological defense
Countries that are stress energy efficiency and less vulnerable to high oil prices
Editor Phil Doherty
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