Labour want you to have access to natural hemp products

Published: Wed 18 Dec 2019 02:12 PM
Labour want you to have access to natural hemp products containing safe levels of essential cannabinoids.

Chris Woodney explains, “It is again, and always has been Labour’s policy to exempt hemp products from the prohibitions in various acts, that marijuana is subjected to.
“However, who’s to say that strategically placed staff by the opposition advising new ministers, may have an influence or an agenda of their own,” says Chris.
“The plant is not dangerous. When used properly it is a functional food. Anandamide is an essential cannabinoid or bodies make internally. Its molecule is very close to THC, one of the active ingredients in cannabis that makes you high. If it was dangerous, why do our bodies make it cannabinoids themselves?
“When the two sexes of the cannabis plant are grown together (eg. Like in the wild) for the purpose of food, fibre, shelter, fuel and general health remedies, it’s called hemp. Hemp use in society and agriculture has been documented as far back as 5000BC in China and India.
“The bureaucrats intend to take your Natural Health Products call them medicine and, you will be denied all access to them.
“Write a letter to your MP telling them you don’t want Natural Health Products to be classed as medicines and therefore your only access will be through the pharmaceutical companies, and that just wouldn’t be right,” concludes Chris.

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