Last Chance: Back From The Brink HiveMind

Published: Tue 10 Sep 2019 08:11 AM
This is the last chance to add statements to the Biodiversity HiveMind public engagement before it closes on 22 September.
Get in quick if you have ideas or proposals to add to the HiveMind conversation on protecting and restoring biodiversity in Aotearoa New Zealand. The last day for adding statements is 11 September 2019.
More people have taken part in this HiveMind than any of our previous projects.
Over 430 people have voted more than 21,000 times on a range of ideas and proposals, and over 90 people have added over 240 statements for other participants to consider. We extended the Biodiversity HiveMind because of this strong participation.
Scoop and PEP would like to thank everyone who has taken part so far. We invite you all to return to the HiveMind to vote on new statements and add statements for others to consider. We also ask that you encourage other people to take part.
To give you a greater sense of what is emerging from the HiveMind, we will publish an interim report next week, which is, by coincidence, Conservation Week. You will be able to see levels of support for all the statements that have been moderated into the HiveMind.
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What is HiveMind?
Welcome to HiveMind - Scoop's new public engagement platform. HiveMind is an experiment including our readers in co-creating a more participatory and interactive public media conversation.
We believe online public engagement tools can help groups of people interested in an issue to find new points of commonality and novel solutions to complex societal problems. Such problems require broad-based and inclusive debate and decision making.
It's all too easy for us to remain stuck in polarised worldviews or our social media bubbles. HiveMind seeks to get beyond these echo chambers and to allow people to:
- Engage in a meaningful process
- Learn from other perspectives
- Identify common ground in disparate viewpoints
- Create potentially innovative and practical solutions to real world issues
HiveMind uses - an online tool for collecting open-ended feedback from large groups of people. Through a HiveMind exploration you can voice your opinion about a story or issue, and can also agree and disagree with what others are saying, one statement at a time. New statements go through a moderation process and then are added so that participants can vote on them. runs statistical analysis on these voting patterns in real-time. It produces opinion groups and surfaces the comments that brought each group together. It also identifies comments that found broad consensus among participants.
Read more about HiveMind here.
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