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Published: Mon 5 Aug 2019 11:43 AM
Back From The Brink: Biodiversity Information and Journalism
A Scoop Journalism Deep-dive on Biodiversity and the New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy.
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Scoop Features:
Ian Llewellyn - A Biodiversity Explainer
Ian Llewellyn - A National Policy Statement on Biodiversity is where interests could collide
Scoop Hivemind: Restoring And Protecting Our Biodiversity
Scoop and PEP invite you to help decide how we should protect and restore our biodiversity over the next 50 years using Scoop’s online engagement platform, HiveMind. More>>
Background on the project - Biodiversity HiveMind: Back From The Brink?

There Is A Field: Reimagining Biodiversity In Aotearoa
We are in a moment of existential peril, with interconnected climate and biodiversity crises converging on a global scale to drive most life on Earth to the brink of extinction. However, our current worldview and political paradigm renders us incapable of responding adequately due to its disconnected and divisive default settings.
These massive challenges can, however, be reframed as a once in a lifetime opportunity to fundamentally change how humanity relates to nature and to each other. Read on The Dig>>
The Dig - Scoop’s Engaged Journalism Platform Launches Also On Scoop:
New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy Discussion Document Launch:
Te Koiroa o te Koiroa - Discussion document [PDF]
NZ Govt - Government takes action for nature
Science Media Centre - DOC Biodiversity Strategy – Expert Reaction
Environmental Defence Society - EDS Welcomes NZ Biodiversity Strategy Discussion Document
Forest And Bird - Forest & Bird welcomes biodiversity plan - Giant kokopu hotspot discovered on Waiheke Island - Call for more marine protection around Auckland
Federated Farmers - Federated Farmers backs key themes of biodiversity strategy
Biodiversity announcements and updates:
NZ Govt - Govt joins forces with communities to clean up waterwaysDepartment of Conservation - More protection for endangered kakīGreater Wellington Regional Council - Planting empowers potential for Porirua waterwayNelson City Council - Council launches environmental grants schemeGwynn Compton - Ambitious vision of “Coast to Crest” green corridorsHawkes Bay Regional Council - Spraying responsibly this season Earlier Press Releases
New Zealand Government - New National Biodiversity Strategy needed
New Zealand Government - Forest mast significantly boosts breeding of rare kākāriki
New Zealand Government - One Billion Trees Fund supporting indigenous restoration
New Zealand Government - Councils, iwi and DOC unite for conservation
New Zealand Government - International Declaration on Biodiversity
New Zealand Government - Indigenous Biodiversity report released
United Nations - Preserving biodiversity vital to reverse climate change
Forest And Bird - Biodiversity consensus a game-changer for NZ
Robert McLachlan and Steven Alexander Trewick - NZ biodiversity losses match global crisis
NZ Energy and Environment - Jones speaks in favour of gene editing
GWRC - Collaborative action on biodiversity
GWRC - New regional biodiversity group gathers
BusinessDesk - Govt opts for sweeping review of 'underperforming' RMA
University of Canterbury - Marine heatwaves threaten global biodiversity
Biodiversity Collaborative Group - Collaborative report a breakthrough for biodiversity
LegaSea - Madness of trying to manage fisheries with property rights
Hawke's Bay Regional Council - Learning the ropes – marine pests
Environment and Rec Fishing Coalition - Fishers join environmentalists to save kauri forests
Biodiversity Collaborative Group - Collaborative report a breakthrough for biodiversity
David Hall (The Policy Observatory) - The Interwoven World
Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment - Weaving Resilience into our Working Lands: recommendations for the future roles of native plants

IPCC Climate And Land Report
WWF: “This report sends a clear message that the way we currently use land is contributing to climate change, while also undermining the land’s ability to support people and nature." More>>
UN - World food security increasingly at risk - New UN Report Shines Light on Trends in Climate ActionScience Media Centre - IPCC Climate Change and Land report - Expert reactionBusinessDesk - Food waste massive contributor to global emissions - IPCCThe Commonwealth - Commonwealth Secretary-General on Pacific Climate ChangeGreenpeace NZ - Greenpeace calls for halving the herd following IPCC reportDairy NZ - IPCC Special Report adds needed detail to climate debateFederated Farmers - Feds: No reason for ‘carbon guilt’ over NZ meat, milk - Climate change, ETS policy now farmers’ No 1 concern - Feds calls for honesty on what farmers are being asked to doMeat Industry Association - IPCC Report highlights efficient NZ farming systemsVegan Society - UN Calls for Plant Based FarmingOra Taiao - Ministry right to urge reduced meat and dairy in hospitals
Government seeks feedback on biodiversity strategy
New biodiversity strategy a roadmap to reversing the trend
Leadership 'lacking' in new conservation strategy
Government's biodiversity document lauded by farmers' union
Tarakihi numbers can be turned around - marine biologist
On The Conversation
Duncan McLaren - Exaggerating how much CO can be absorbed by tree planting risks deterring crucial climate action
Steven Alexander Trewick and Steven Alexander Trewick - NZ is home to species found nowhere else but biodiversity losses match global crisis
David Choquenot - Seeing the wood for the trees: Kiwi lead in biodiversity conservation
Steve Morton, Andy Sheppard and Mark Lonsdale - Explainer: what is biodiversity and why does it matter?
Nic Rawlence - Proposal to mine fossil-rich site in New Zealand sparks campaign to protect it
Troy Baisden - How New Zealand’s well-being budget delivers for the environment
Brian Lovett - Is an ‘insect apocalypse’ happening? How would we know?
Tanya Latty and Timothy Lee - How many species on Earth? Why that’s a simple question but hard to answer
Kat Bolstad and Heather Braid - Squid team finds high species diversity off Kermadec Islands, part of stalled marine reserve proposal
Stuart Reynolds - What happens to the natural world if all the insects disappear?
Stephanie Anderson - Regenerative agriculture can make farmers stewards of the land again
Michael (Mike) Joy and Sylvie McLean - Despite its green image, NZ has world’s highest proportion of species at risk
Greg Asner - To solve climate change and biodiversity loss, we need a Global Deal for Nature
Georgia Garrard, Nicholas Williams and Sarah Bekessy - Here’s how to design cities where people and nature can both flourish
Michelle Lim - ‘Revolutionary change’ needed to stop unprecedented global extinction crisis
Max Finlayson - We need an international approach to biodiversity (but local action)
Bill Bateman, Dale Nimmo, Don Driscoll, Grant Wardell-Johnson, Noel D Preece and Sarah Luxton - Australia’s draft ‘Strategy for nature’ doesn’t cut it. Here are nine ways to fix it
Stephen Woroniecki - George Monbiot Q + A – How rejuvenating nature could help fight climate change
Dustin Marshall and Liz Morris - No-take marine areas help fishers (and fish) far more than we thought
Miguel Lurgi - Habitat loss doesn’t just affect species, it impacts networks of ecological relationships
Derek Lynch - Soil is the key to our planet’s history (and future)
Victor Anderson - Biodiversity loss has finally got political – and this means new thinking on the left and the right
Don Driscoll, Desley Whisson, Euan Ritchie, Mike Weston, Raylene Cooke and Tim Doherty - We must rip up our environmental laws to address the extinction crisis
Sheila R. Colla and Rachel Nalepa - Give bees a chance: We can’t afford to lose our wild native pollinators
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Government seeks feedback on biodiversity strategy
New biodiversity strategy a roadmap to reversing the trend
Leadership 'lacking' in new conservation strategy
Government's biodiversity document lauded by farmers' union
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