The Tree of Life - Why Cannabis is good for you

Published: Thu 28 Jun 2018 05:41 PM
Have you heard of sick 12-yr old boy Billy Caldwell? This week his case provoked Tory Lord and ex-Conservative Party leader William Hague to say “Its time to acknowledge facts, and to embrace a decisive change. Its time to show that sensible new opinions are welcome.”
Would you like to pay less tax and live in a healthier world that was on a sustainable pathway for our children? Because big money, politics, and public ignorance are blocking common sense public health and wealth solutions in the UK, and here in New Zealand, over hemp medicine.
Here are the facts. This is why cannabis is good for you.
1. Animal life is self-regulating.
(eg. Breathing, blood, growth and health).
2. Animal health is maintained at the cellular level by a specific biological system.
3. This system connects and controls all our organ and tissue systems through a biological ‘wi fi’ network that uses fatty molecules we make.
These fatty molecules protect us from illness and injury. If we can’t make enough, or can’t eat enough of the right foods, we get unwell.
That’s why Hemp is the superfood. Its full of these molecules. They are called cannabinoids, and they can’t get you high in their natural raw vegetable form.
But Med schools don’t teach this diet-based system of self-health, or the dietary benefits of cannabis. That’s why 89% of Kiwi doctors don’t know about it.
That’s why we started NZs first professional (non profit) cannabis education organisation to serve New Zealanders like them and you. Now we are helping them to understand it. When GPs get it, they want it. 96% of 280 GPs wanted it when we showed them. Knowledge is power, the power of life.
Because when kids like Billy aren’t making enough of these hemp molecules to stay healthy, they can die. My mum’s system isn’t working too well either, that’s why she’s got MS.
One food in the world is uniquely full of these essential molecules, and it’s illegal.
Did you know that Britain grows 45% of the world’s legal cannabis, and exports 100 tons every year as medicine? But it is illegal due to “no therapeutic benefit.”
Here in NZ the Ministry of Health is also insisting that we run an ‘evidence based system’ for which it provides the evidence, which is a worry. Because they’ve been suppressing evidence and misleading government for at least ten years.
Its time to say,
“Enough! We Know now. We understand! And we want evidence based policies, built upon intelligence and compassion!”
The 2008 MoH report “Cannabis Therapeutics” makes it clear. Cannabis is a legitimate advance in therapeutic option because it allows us to optimise our own evolutionary system of wellbeing.
Strangely, MoH don’t want you to know that cannabis is good for you. Its explained in the section “Pharmaco economics’. I think it is unethical. Its wrong, and we need to change it so that the people benefit; not the parasites. The Pharmaceutical Health Care system costs developed countries one fifth of all health dollars (WHO), and that cash flows offshore too.
There are good people still though. Both Rt Hon Paul East (N) and Rt Hon Helen Clark (L) were disappointed to hear of this reports suppression through their terms in Government. "This 2008 report is useful in outlining that there is a good case to be made for enabling access to cannabis for therapeutic purposes. It could have been the basis for pursuing evidence-based policy on the issue. It is important that it is made public now as a select committee is examining medicinal cannabis legislation."
Current government policy is not compassionate. Evidence suggests its about protecting the ‘big pharma’ status quo. That’s why Lord William Hague says “its time for a decisive change”, because we are wrong and dumb right now.
Because the tree of life is a big step to solving problems like our broken health system, our aging population, our declining workforce, and our environmentally unsustainable low wage economy.
It would be good to see government show intelligence and integrity on this issue.
We could solve a lot of problems.
The tree of life is a food, a fuel, a fibre.
The tree of life is a healing gift, and it can’t get you high.
Give us the tree of life.
NB: the ‘hemp system’ referred to above is our ‘endogenous cannabinoid system’, and its 600,000,000 years old.
At you’ll find out how we can improve things
Tadhg Stopford is Foundation Leader of the Hemp Foundation
The Hemp Foundation
The Hemp Foundation is a non-profit education organisation dedicated to improving NZs health and wealth.We are NZs first doctor based provider of hemp medicine education. GPs that attend our course are eligible for professional development points from the RNZCGZP on completing a reflection form. Almost 500 doctors have now been educated and completed our cannabis surveys. They overwhelmingly support the aims of the hemp foundation.

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