Postnatal Depression: Quick Facts and Links

Published: Thu 20 Oct 2016 04:01 PM
Postnatal Depression: Quick Facts and Links
This is published as part of a series of articles looking at post-natal depression in Aotearoa New Zealand.
How Common is PND?
'Postpartum blues' is a transient condition that affects 30-80% of women after birth. Anything that does not resolve within 10-14 days, is not 'baby blues', and may be a risk factor for PND.
The overall prevalence of clinically significant postpartum depressive symptoms is estimated to be between 7% and 19%. Around a third of “postnatal depression” begins in pregnancy and around a quarter begins before pregnancy
Postpartum psychosis occurs after about 0.1% (1 in 1000) deliveries
Women with bipolar disorder are at particularly high risk of postnatal depression in the postpartum period, with around half of deliveries followed by a clinically significant postpartum episode. — Sources: "Easily Missed", British Medical Journal, August 2014; Ferguson, How to Treat Postnatal Depression, NZ Doctor, 2007.
What to Look Out For
Low mood for at least two weeks
Significant unremitting tiredness
Increased anxiety (beyond a usual response)
Feelings of Worthlessness
Sleep disturbance
‘Difficult baby’ (but some babies are difficult)
Low libido, anhedonia (inability to feel pleasure)
Reduced concentration, memory and cognitive function
Not enjoying your baby
Persistent thoughts of running away
— Sources: Ferguson, How to Treat Postnatal Depression, NZ Doctor, 2007; 'Mothers Cry Too', by Dr. Sara Weeks
Links | More Information | More Reading
Mothers Matter (
Raising Children in New Zealand (
National Depression Initiative (
Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Aotearoa (
Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand (
The New Zealand Affiliate of the World Association of Infant Mental Health (
Mothers Helpers: Supporting Mums Under Stress:
Ngā Maia Māori Midwives: (
List of Māori Health Providers: (Ministry of Health website)
The Postnatal Distress Centre (private practice): (
Post and ante-natal distress support group, Wellington (PND Wellington): (
Tapuaki, Pacific Parenting and Pregnancy Education: (
Posnatal Support Nelson (
Best Practice Journal, Special edition 'Depression in the antenatal and postnatal periods.' (
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