Membership Rewards - Limited Edition Art-T Designs Revealed

Published: Tue 10 Nov 2015 05:24 PM
Independent Artists Support Independent News
Scoop Membership Has Its Rewards - Limited Edition Art-T Designs Revealed
A special one-time offer from the Scoop Foundation
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With Scoop's audience being a discerning and rather affluent group of people the Scoop team have long thought that our website would be an ideal place to market quality New Zealand artist's prints.
In 2014 I had the wonderful experience of getting to know a remarkable artist whose work I decided I would love to conduct a sales experiment with. Though circumstances intervened and our 2014 r attempts at marketing William Carden-Horton's remarkable drawings came to nought - he very kindly agreed to assist with the PledgeMe campaign to launch the Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism.

William Carden-Horton (Click to view his Instagram page) has been described as a visual journalist who "holds his pen loosely" recording New Zealand's awesome landscape.
His distinctive line drawn images capture the beauty of New Zealand landscape themes wonderfully and contain a sense of movement and freshness which is instantly recognizable by those familiar with our mountains, rivers and native fauna..
William has very kindly offered to donate the use of several of his most popular images to the cause of the launch of the Scoop Foundation for Public Interest Journalism.
William was Icebreaker's seasonal-artist-in-nature in 2015 and his work features on some of the latest Icebreaker's marvelous clothing range. His work has also featured on a number of poetry books including the Makaro Press - Hoopla series.
CLICK To Donate To Support Independent News & Receive Fine Art Rewards
For the Scoop Foundation's "1000 Kiwis" PledgeMe campaign which is presently on we are offering four of his images either in the form of t-shirts or as Scoop Foundation membership certificates. The certificates l present the same images black on white as limited edition, numbered and signed fine art prints on archival paper at A4 size.. The Scoop Foundation will certify each print as a bona-fide Scoop Foundation founding certificate with its common seal and the signatures of the trustees.

Click for big version
On the reverse of each T-Shirts we plan to print the Scoop Koru logo as displayed above.
These will in short be exclusive and almost unique works of art.
Purchasers of these rewards will be contacted by Scoop following the PledgeMe campaign to choose which images they would like to have printed on their exclusive art-t-shirts or certificates. Mockups of the images will be available as rewards follow. So far around 20 pledgers to the scoop campaign have already chosen these rewards.

Click for big version
“I felt the mountain with my pen”
The awesome of Mount Tongariro.

Click for big version
Being drawn into the waterfall as I draw it.
The power of the water fills overtakes me.

Click for big version
"Houses hunch against sheer pressing hills
with door steps on ocean waves"
- South Coast, Wellington

Click for big version
The North and South Island depicted
as two hawks entwined inflight.
-Note by Scoop Editor Alastair Thompson
CLICK To Donate To Support Independent News & Receive Fine Art Rewards
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