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Published: Thu 29 Oct 2015 12:18 PM

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Thanks to everyone who has already supported the Scoop Foundation’s establishment on Pledge Me. With 157 generous pledges, we’ve just passed 25% of our target.
The Scoop Foundation is NZ's best chance to change the trajectory of the news industry away from the pursuit of click-bait towards public interest journalism.
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The state of the news media
Writer and journalist Max Rashbrooke discussed the role Scoop plays in the media in an op-ed, Scoop’s Lyndon Hood has published an insightful piece of mediapocalypse satire on restructuring in media, and Rob Kelly (new to the Scoop team) shares who decides just what gets published.

Good Journalism: We Need Both Tougher And Gentler Ways To Get At The Truth
by Max Rashbrooke
“Good investigative journalism requires a certain kind of toughness, and we need more of it. But we also need gentler ways to understand the world. Not everything is a scandal waiting to be revealed. Many issues are complex and multi-layered, and can only be grappled with through prolonged debate, through a free and constructive exchange of views…”
>> read the full story on Scoop.
19 Things Only Restructured Journalists Will Get
by Lyndon Hood
“If, like most of New Zealand (as far as I can tell from my Twitter stream), you work in modern journalism, you've experienced some things the rest of the world just won't get…”
>> read the full story on Scoop.
Please Release Me: A day in Scoop's inbox
by Robert Kelly
“The press release process at Scoop is not journalism, but it is news and it is also something which in no way could be done by an algorithm. It requires interrogation, tenacity, pragmatism and compassion in equal measures. After a day of doing it feels like you’ve been battered in the brain with a rubber hammer but it’s a very human process, publishing very human stories…”
>> read the full story on Scoop.
Scoop's 'Good Journalism' Campaign
For Scoop, “Good Journalism” is exemplified by the work of Nicky Hager. Over the weekend we highlighted the importance of this kind of journalism with the release of the Hager police raid court file to the Scoop website published in a story by Alastair Thompson.
You can also see our Good Journalism videos on Facebook page which you're welcome to share.
VIDEO: Earlier this month, Scoop Foundation Trustee and Scoop Editor Alastair Thompson addressed the "Information Ethics & The Public Good" conference held by Public Good Aotearoa New Zealand introducing the new Scoop Foundation.
#TakeBackTheNews Casting Call

As part of our #takebackthenews campaign and to build additional awareness around the state of journalism in NZ, Scoop's putting together a series of videos asking members of the public 'Why is good journalism important?' We'd like to include a diverse range of voices, if you're keen to comment or you know someone else who would be, we want to hear from you!
>> Contact details and full info here.
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