"Operation Chrysalis" - An Invitation To Assist Scoop Evolve

Published: Fri 19 Dec 2014 05:23 PM
"Operation Chrysalis"- An Invitation To Assist To Evolve
Scoop Announcement
"Operation Chrysalis"
Dear Reader,
Today Scoop launched "Operation Chrysalis" a project to engage with users and stakeholders to make Scoop stable and sustainable into the future.
From today Scoop is seeking expressions of interest in from individuals and organisations in:
Providing internet hosting services;
Bringing new "entrepreneurial" vision and energy to the Scoop project;
Ethical Investment & Sponsorship; and,
Make a purchase of from Scoop's communications product range (Newsagent, Infopages and Advertising ).
This page provides more detail on what we are looking for assistance with. To find out more about "Operation Chrysalis" see... Looking To Evolve, Scoop Independent News Launches "Operation Chrysalis"
Merry Christmas
Alastair Thompson
Scoop Editor and Publisher
Hosting Scoop
Scoop is configured to run on FreeBSD and Linux on virtual servers. Our current hosting arrangements are due to expire in 2015. We are seeking a long-term reliable host providing either secure colocation capacity (6RU minimum), or access to multiple VMs on a reliable cloud computing platform. Scoop consumes a moderate level of bandwidth in the range of several terabytes a month and would need access to a minimum of 19mbs bandwidth. Scoop would acknowledge the provider of hosting services as a significant sponsor.
If you are interested in hosting Scoop please email :
Bringing new "entrepreneurial" vision and energy to the Scoop project
Scoop is seeking proposals from individuals or groups of entrepreneurs to take over Scoop as an entrepreneurial project. As a website with a Social Mission proposals would need to address how they could continue to serve the Scoop Mission whilst bringing new entrepreneurial energy and vision to the Scoop project.
If you are interested in being involved at the center of the Scoop evolution project as an entrepreneur please email :
Ethical Investment
Investment of an appropriate kind would enable Scoop to enhance its technical platform and invest in market development. We are interested in hearing from investors who see value in what we do and want to assist us to grow and make a return on the considerable amount already invested in Scoop over the past 15 years.
If you are interested in investing in the evolution of Scoop please email :
Lead Sponsors
Scoop is committed to serving the public by providing them with free access to information which enables them to participate in public policy discussions. Scoop also provides a free high profile press release publication service which thousands of NZ businesses, NGOs and institutions utilise to ensure that their voices are heard. Via Scoop these contributors gain access to an audience at the heart of Government, in the business community and throughout civil society. Scoop is seeking one or more lead sponsors who wish to be associated with supporting Scoop's basic public good services.
Niche Sponsors
Niche opportunities exist for sponsorship of content streams in a wide variety of vertical niches including, Politics & Public Policy, Education, Health, Technology, Business, Culture and the Community & Voluntary sectors.
If you are interested in learning more about sponsoring Scoop please email :
Make a purchase of from Scoop's commercial communications product range
For organisation and businesses who value Scoop's role in the NZ information ecosystem the easiest way to support Scoop is to purchase our services prices start from $40 a month. This can be done by contacting
Scoop's commercial services are:
Newsagent -
(NOTE: You can initiate a trial of this service at link)
Scoop Newsagent is a subscription news intelligence service designed to help you keep up to date with the news you need to know. By emailing you news in real-time, it allows you to react to events ahead of the news curve and be informed of your organisation’s public image and issues affecting your sector.
For more information contact
Infopages -
(NOTE: You can initiate a trial of this service by clicking on the byline link on an existing press release from your organisation on Scoop and/or at this link.)
Scoop InfoPages is a subscription communications service that adds your branding and profile to your news on Scoop along with contact links. This provides useful information for readers and a direct path for them to reach you - generating new leads and increasing your organisations profile.
For more information contact
Local and National Advertising
Scoop Media has a range of digital advertising options that enable organisations both small and large to reach Scoop's readership of 250,000 to 300,000 NZ users per month (Google Analytics) for public awareness campaigns, sales and product launches, event promotions etc. Campaigns can be highly targeted and configured to suit a range of budgets.
For more information contact

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