Werewolf Edition 42 Out Now! - Australian Elections Special

Published: Wed 4 Sep 2013 09:48 AM
Werewolf Edition 42 Out Now! - Australian Elections Special
From Werewolf Editor Gordon Campbell
Enter the 'Wolf
Hi and welcome to the 42nd issue of Werewolf, a mini-edition largely devoted to coverage of the Australian election on September 7. Given that the relationship between New Zealand business and the Australian economy is roughly that of a remora sucker fish to a shark, all New Zealanders have an interest in how the Australian economy pans out. If only because the neo-liberal experiment conducted here since the mid 1980s has been enabled by our proximity to the less ideological and more successful policies followed across the Tasman – where their economy works in practice, while ours works only in theory. While the title of our cover story refers to the old Nino Culotta book and a time when Australia was more tolerant towards its refugees and migrants, the content is devoted to an overview of the election and the Aussie voting system. This Werewolf issue also contains an extensive interview about the Australian economy with leading economist John Quiggin of the University of Queensland. Because asylum seekers are such a highly volatile election issue, we’ve also based a separate story on an interview with Dr Deborah Zion of Monash University, a prominent figure in the refugee rights debate in Australia for many years.
Speaking of refugees and the protections owed to them – under the UN Refugee Convention that we signed in the wake of the Holocaust – this Werewolf issue also examines the refugee flows triggered by the war in Syria and the impact this is having on the fragile socio-political structure of neighbouring countries, such as Jordan. In his film column this month Philip Matthews considers a whole slew of recent movies about that eternal cinematic staple, the vampire – and mot surprisingly, Philip singles out the latest Jim Jarmusch movie Only Lovers Left Alive as being by far the best of the current crop. Satirist Lyndon Hood takes the Victorian gentleman’s long view of democracy, as exemplified by that pesky Citizen’s Initiated Referendum on asset sales, while in our music column, the recent VMA exploits of Miley Cyrus are a springboard for a lot of other stuff about music and dance.
Thanks once again to Lyndon Hood and Alastair Thompson for helping me post this online this month. And to everyone who’s shown an interest in reading Werewolf and keeping it going…thanks a bunch. If you want to be involved and talk over some story ideas, contact me at and let's talk story ideas.
Gordon Campbell
Editor, Werewolf.
The contents of this edition are:
Australian Election : They’re A Weird Mob
Watching on (in horror) as our Australian cousins hold an election
by Gordon Campbell
Australian Election : Fetishizing The Surplus
Economist John Quiggin on the state of the Australian economy
by Gordon Campbell
Australian Election : Blaming The Boat People
As Rudd and Abbott use asylum seekers as a political football…
by Gordon Campbell
Drugstore Vampires
There’s still plenty of life left in the undead….
by Philip Matthews
Jordan, Bearing The Brunt
The spillover from the war in Syria is taking its toll on Jordan’s fragile institutions
by Anwar Raza Rizvi
From The Hood : Armchairs At Dawn
A mind is a terribly wasteful thing to democratize…
by Lyndon Hood
The Complicatist : Miley Cyrus, and Dancing About Architecture
Feet don’t fail my words
by Gordon Campbell
* * * * * WEREWOLF ISSUE 41, August 2013 * * * * *
The August 2013 Edition of Werewolf
by Werewolf
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