Urewera 4 Trial - Day 22: A Long Weekend

Published: Fri 16 Mar 2012 02:48 PM
Operation 8: Day 22, March 16th
A Long Weekend
by Annemarie Thorby
Court opened in Chambers this morning, the jury was then called back and the judge announced that the jury was excused until Monday, 19th March.
'The Madame Register received a message this morning to say that one of your members, and you know who I am referring to, she had an accident at home this morning. She injured her wrist. We are not sure how serious it is, but when the information was received, she was on her way to Auckland Hospital. She needs stitches and possibly has a broken arm. It is serious enough to incapacitate her for the day.'
'What it means, is you won't be able to continue with your deliberations today.'
'I propose to excuse you until Monday morning. I do so on the basis that I expect to receive information during the day...but it doesn't seem that the injury is so serious that we require more time.'
'The weather is fine, a bonus that fate has delivered. You take a break and have a long weekend. God knows, you deserve it. Frustrating as it may be, make the most of the opportunity and give yourselves a good rest.'
'I must again emphasise – the importance of not talking about the case. Leave it behind you...and, god willing, we are able to assume work on Monday.'
Court adjourned until Monday, March 19th. The four defendants were allowed continuation of bail.

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