Dear Obama, The Slipper is Waiting for You

Published: Mon 1 Aug 2011 01:02 PM
Dear Obama, The Slipper is Waiting for You
Muhammad Jihad Ismael
July 30, 2011
In the last days of his presidency, and before his departure to the white house, the previous US president George W. Bush was on time with humiliation & ignominy.
The whole world was astonished when the president Bush thrown with the couple of shoes.
The Iraqi capital Baghdad, and particularly the hall of Al- Malki press conference, witnessed the unprecedented and peerless courage of the Iraqi Journalist Muntazer Al- Zaidi .
The nameless Iraqi journalist stood on his feet and threw Mr. Bush with his dusty shoes. This courageous action left a big and resounding popular impact.
Most of the Arab people looked to that journalist through the eye of appreciation, and in a few time, he became a national super hero.
The cheap, humble, and dusty shoes of Muntazer Al- Zaidi were the punishment that Bush deserved, because of his evil & ugliness. There is agreement among all that this was a shameful end for Bush presidency and political life.
When Obama came to the White House. Or even during his electoral campaign, so many people hoped and expected that he'll be the ever best president for the USA.
Not only the American people who were sympathized with Obama, but so many people all over the world did the same thing, including the Muslim & Arab people.
The people universally sympathized with Obama, because of his black complexion. These people aimed beyond supporting Obama to proof that the democratic action means equality & justice instead of iniquity & discrimination. No doubt, by this they aimed to convey a moralistic message.
Obama was hypocrite enough to con the world with his false and deceptive political behaviour. Obama introduced his romantic electoral programme ( the change ), promising in this programme to make America in its best ever conditions. And, internationally promised to make integrated compromise for the Middle East, to withdraw the US army from Iraq, and to find a permanent solution for the Palestinian cause.
Unfortunately, Obama didn't bring anything new, he was totally hypocrite and liar. I think he was worse than Bush who had a bolder character, and who had more bravery & frankness.
Obama`s character seemed weak, also he seemed psychologically
Obama spoke plenty and promised plenty, but right now he executed nothing of his speeches and promises. So his deceptive programme ( the change ) was only an ink on papers.
The juvenile behaviour of the teenager Obama made him trustless in the eye of people. The poor Obama and since the beginning of his presidency is suffering from anemia, not anemia of blood, but anemia of morals & magnanimity.
In closing we can say that Obama was a carbon copy from his ancestor Bush, or even worse. I think the end of Obama won't be different than the one of his ancestor Bush.
The poor Obama oppressed and let down so many people around the world, he cheated the Palestinians, polluted the Arabic spring, and shed the Libyan blood for the sake of petroleum.
The villain Obama was a big shame on negroes, who were historically & anthropologically as a symbol of innocence, privilege, dignity, and redemption.
Dear president Obama, your first presidential duration is about to end , so I advise you to beware, especially in your external tours, because the destiny of your ancestor Bush is waiting you, I mean the slipper is waiting for you.

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