Middle East News Service: We are all Zuabi

Published: Wed 18 Aug 2010 06:19 PM
[Middle East News Service comments: The situation of Palestinian citizens of Israel (as they prefer to call themselves --“Israeli Arabs” in the Israeli media parlance) has never been great. But this cry from the heart from a moderate voice suggests a serious deterioration. It is a reason for alarm. Law after discriminatory law is being debated in the Knesset , attacks on the community’s own MPs are getting stronger. While there are several readings for the laws to go through, the situation is worsening rapidly, certainly the campaign against Zuabi is unabated. If you care about Israel, or its Palestinian citizens or human rights generally, I strongly urge you to read and absorb Zuheir Andreus’ message.
Having had the pleasure of meeting Zuabi and having an interesting conversation in Hebrew with her I concur with Andreus’ assessment of her as an uncompromising fighter for her party's principles both domestically and abroad
Please note that the MK herself spells her name Haneen Zoabi and for simplicity sake I have stuck with Haaretz’s rendition.
Sol Salbe
We are all ZuabiBy Zuheir Andreus
During the visit by leaders of the Palestinian community to Libya a few months ago, MK Hanin Zuabi (Balad ) stood out in particular - the only woman in the "Arabs of 1948" delegation invited to visit Muammar Gadhafi. When we met with Gadhafi in his tent in the town of Sert, this remarkable woman showed courage that is rare in these parts.
The leader preached to us and advised us to practice one of the tenets of Islam - marry four women and bring many children into the world to fight the Israelis. Zuabi, who is known for her struggle for the rights of Palestinian women in Israel, did not hesitate and pointed out to Gadhafi that his philosophy was not acceptable to her because it oppresses women. The tent went silent. It's not customary to interrupt the leader, we had been told in the briefing before the meeting. Gadhafi listened and simply went on with his speech.
This story proves that Zuabi is cut from tough and unyielding cloth - an uncompromising fighter for her party's principles both domestically and abroad.
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