Daniel Levy: A glimpse of the future

Published: Fri 11 Jun 2010 08:26 PM
[Middle East News Service comments: As usual Daniel Levy sums up the wash form the Gaza Flotilla better, or at least as well, as anyone else I have read. The British-Born Levy who is a dual Israeli-American citizen, highlights the Occupation as the driving force of the political process. Some readers may argue, not without a reason, that the conflict real cause dates back to 1948 and not 1967. The point, however, is that dealing with impact of 67 is necessary, even though it may or may not be sufficient (in the context of the Arab League peace plan.) As always Levy comes as close to essential reading, even for those who totally disagree with him – Sol Salbe.]
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A very good summary of the Turkish organisation IHH from the Washington Post.
An treatise by Yossi Alpher, former Dir of the Jaffe Ctr for Strategic Studies, on why in the flotilla’s wake a new strategy is essential.
Thursday Haaretz Editorial: Hamas 1, Netanyahu 0
Moshe Yaroni explains: We now hate Turkey so the Armenian Genocide DID happen.
A glimpse of the future
By Daniel Levy
Israelis might consider sending thank-you bouquets today to the national soccer teams of Switzerland and Greece. It is thanks to them that Israelis will have to choose between getting behind Brazil, England, Ghana or whomever, as the World Cup kicks off.
Of course, it would be nice to wrap ourselves in blue and white, and cheer on the likes of Yossi, Guy and Ben. But on this occasion, one should probably be thankful that we didn't make it. Hence, those flowers.
There were large demonstrations in Cape Town last week following the Mavi Marmara incident. For now, South Africa has recalled its ambassador, Ismail Coovadia, from Israel. An Israeli presence at this greatest of global sporting spectacles would have been guaranteed to attract an unrelenting wave of protests, PR stunts and bad publicity.
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