Lyndon Hood: Referendum Decision-Making Flowchart

Published: Fri 3 Jul 2009 10:34 AM
Referendum 2009: Decision-Making FlowchartSatire by Lyndon Hood
Today the Governor-General is due to "direct the Clerk of the Writs to proceed immediately to issue a writ to the Returning Officer for the holding of the indicative referendum".
This means that the proposer of the referendum now cannot take it back, even if they had their fingers crossed.
So the writ signals that the end of this acrimonious debate is near: the three-week voting period will begin in just 28 days, so there is a mere seven weeks of campaigning left to endure.
You probably already know what you think. But because of certain qualities of the question that may not be the same as knowing how to vote. To help you out, and to give you something to do during the dark evenings of the campaign period, Scoop has produced a handy decision-making flowchart which simplifies the process as much as is feasible.
Once voting is over, the decision for politicians will be a simpler one, revolving around the question, "Can I find an excuse not to touch this issue with a barge pole?" Perhaps the following will be of use to them, too:
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