The Real Spirt of Xmas vs The Fake Spirit of Xmas

Published: Wed 24 Dec 2008 12:45 PM
The real spirit of Christmas…
…Vs the fake Spirit of Christmas
This Christmas Scoop received an email from a concerned and dedicated reader questioning whether Air NZ 's latest online Xmas message was really in the spirit of the season. The online animation shows Santa being grounded by the 'Green Police' due to his reindeer producing too many carbon emissions and thus deciding to fly Air NZ.
Apart from the scientific implausability that an Air NZ flight would somehow be better for the environment than a team of flatulent reindeer the ad also manages to get in seasonal alcohol abuse and a spot of bad old fashioned sexism.
The severely out of shape Santa is portrayed swigging alcohol near water (a pool) and the online video also features a saucy air hostess who leaps out of the plane (surely against New Zealand aviation regulations) and the bizarre sight of a reindeer at a barbecue.
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Happy Holidays from Air NZ?
Instead of the anti-environmental and post-post modern sexist humour provided by the Air NZ animation Scoop went and took a few picture of the real spirit of Xmas. Just one block away from Scoop global headquarters is a treasure trove of slightly overpriced Xmas goodies located in the heart of Wellington's oldest department store Kirkcaldie and the Stains. Every year in a patriotic bid to keep the economy going the window dressers try and come up with something pretty special. This year was no exception with a band of soft animals playing music and elves tormenting mice with rolling pins – the real spirit of Xmas surely
Enjoy the real spirit of Christmas – retail therapy – Merry Xmas from Scoop

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