Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings October 7 2008

Published: Wed 8 Oct 2008 09:30 AM
Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
1: Death Of Neoliberalism, From A New Zealand Angle
Paul G. Buchanan - A Word From Afar
Paul G. Buchanan writes: While some have considered neoliberalism dead for the last two decades, it clung to life while leaders maintained a belief in its longevity. But has the US financial collapse finally killed off the old right way?
2: Undernews For October 4, 2008
Contrary to her Joe Six Pack, hockey mom hokum, Sarah Palin proved in her debate with Joe Biden that she would fit in extremely well in Washington - albeit at an enormous price to the rest of the country.
3: Martha Rosenberg: Posing for Playboy? Yawn
Martha Rosenberg
Pamela Anderson may have given Hugh Hefner a personal nude lap dance for his 82nd birthday at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles in April--in front of his three girlfriends, no less--but actress Lindsay Lohan is less enamored with the patriarch of porn.
4: Undernews For October 6, 2008
Of George Bush's many sins, one has remained unnoted. He and his aides are so absurdly inept at most of what they do that they have diverted attention from the fact that America's collapse began well before Bush came into office and has continued under ...
5: Warning about Aftershock TV show
Civil Defence Emergency Management
A warning to people channel surfing tomorrow night or starting to watch Aftershock on TV3 part way through after its 8.30pm start. The programme includes acted “news bulletins” and “interviews” that help it give a realistic portrayal of what ...
6: Maori lay complaint over TV3 cannibalism story
David Rankin
Maturahurahu hapu leader David Rankin is lodging a complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority over a TV3 60 Minutes item on Maori cannibalism which screened on Monday 6 October.
7: Health Board saves costs with new phone deal
Enabling clients to contact its community workers wherever they are and reducing costs are just two of the ways the Waikato District Health Board will benefit from a new contract with Vodafone to provide its fixed line and mobile telephone services.
8: Will GE Vaccine Devastate Native Species?
GE Free NZ
(GE Free NZ Press releas) The ERMA hearing into the first general environmental release of a recombinant (GE) Equine influenza (EI) vaccine engineered with a Canary Pox virus vector is being held today. But could Kiwi, Kea, Kereru be made extinct ...
9: “Kiwis Pay Price For ‘Cullen Housing Bubble’”
Hugh Pavletich
Hugh Pavletich FDIA Co author Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey DEMOGRAPHIA Christchurch New Zealand
10: International high-flyers buy Te Horo property
A global movie executive and a top modeling agency fashion consultant based in the UK have splashed out $900,000 to buy a beautiful lifestyle home at Te Horo – site-unseen - after viewing the property on the internet.
11: Mattel: Top Ten ‘Must Have’ Toys for Christmas 08
Classic toy favourites with a new twist will be featuring on Kiwi kids’ wish lists for Santa this Christmas, with a turbo-charged racetrack set for boys and singing Barbie for girls topping Mattel’s just-revealed Top Toys for Christmas 2008.
12: Freddie and Fannie Become Penny Stocks
Catherine Austin Fitts
Overwhelming American communities with mortgage, auto and credit card debt as we shift manufacturing and research capacity, jobs and approximately $10 trillion of capital offshore-much of it by illegal means-has been the US economic strategy since ...
13: The California Housing Fiasco
Hugh Pavletich
D R Horton as Americas largest home builder, constructed nearly 53,000 homes during the peak year 2006, but since the housing bubble burst, it has been rapidly disposing of surplus land holdings, as explained within this Wall Street Journal article Developer ...
14: Cullen: And the point was?
New Zealand Government
It is a mystery what the breathlessly summoned press conference given by Mr Key was all about, Finance Minister Michael Cullen said today.
15: S-Series Sets The Benchmark For Perfect Photos
The S-Series range of digital cameras from Fujifilm marks the next step up in digital photography – ultra zoom digital cameras for the sharp shooting professional or serious photography enthusiast.
16: Airport's Arrest Threats Against Workers Wont Fly
Unite Union
Union members from all five McDonald’s restaurants located at Auckland Airport will be on strike from midday to demand pay parity with union workers at KFC, Starbucks and Pizza Hut.
17: Wallace & Manning: Voter Numbers + Fiscal Update
Scoop Audio
KiwiFM: Wallace & Manning discuss how 222,000 people have still to enrol to vote. Also, it is a dire outlook by Treasury's Pre-Election Economic Update today. Finance Minister Michael Cullen says we're OK. But others say we face decades of deficits.
18: Prolife Foods Acquires Mother Earth Brand
Profile Foods
Prolife Foods Ltd has acquired the brand and assets of Mother Earth snack foods from Cadbury Confectionery Limited for an undisclosed sum. The Hamilton-based company has plans to expand Mother Earth’s existing range and take the brand into new categories.
19: Report Highlights Avoidable Deaths
ACT New Zealand
The release of the 'Report on Patients Awaiting Cardiac Surgery: Capital and Coast District Health Board' confirms what ACT has known all along - that it is not health professionals, but the Government's mismanagement of Health that is costing lives, ...
20: Campbell:Post PREFU Preview Of National's Tax Cuts
Gordon Campbell
Tax cuts are a flexible piece of political ectoplasm. To those who peddle them, as Paul Krugman once noted, there is hardly an economic ill for which tax cuts are not claimed to be the best possible medicine. Your economy is running a healthy surplus? ...
21: Navman S-Series Platinum New Benchmark In GPS
Navman NZ Ltd
It may look sleek, sexy and light enough to slip into a briefcase or handbag, but the brand new Navman S-Series Platinum packs a punch so hard it will set new standards for GPS in New Zealand and around the world. As the name suggests, the Platinum range ...
22: New guidance for antipsychotic use in elderly
PHARMAC and the College of Psychiatrists have today jointly launched new guidance on the use of antipsychotic medicines in the elderly.
23: Hacking Your Vote
Rob Conery
If you were hired to create some software to count votes in an election, how would you do it? What considerations would you have and how would you implement them. What would be your security considerations?
24: The Real Cost of Eltroxin
New Zealand Thyroid Association
At the meeting of The New Zealand Thyroid Association, held on Saturday 04/10/09, we conducted a survey among those in attendance regarding the health services they have used since starting on GSK Eltroxin. These services are those required to treat ...
25: Tax remains an important part of economic plan
New Zealand National Party
I want to make some brief comments about these challenges today, before reiterating National's commitment to tax reduction as an important part of our economic plan.
26: Hindus ask Hollywood Star for "Public Apology"
Rajan Zed
Hindus have asked Hollywood actress Natalie Portman to tender a public apology for partaking in a music video Carmensita, which they say mocks Hindu concepts and symbols.
27: New bank registered
Reserve Bank
The Reserve Bank of New Zealand today announced that Southland Building Society has been registered as a bank in New Zealand. Southland Building Society will continue to be a mutually-owned building society although also registered as a bank.
28: McDonald’s supports fair pay for employees
New Zealand Police
McDonald’s New Zealand remains committed to offering fair pay to its 7500 employees across the country, and disputes comments made by Unite Union regarding the company and its wage negotiations in the wake of further strike action announced by Unite ...
29: Million Dollar Donation For Starship Oncology Ward
Starship Foundation
Steve Williams, Starship Foundation supporter and caddy to golfing superstar Tiger Woods, today handed over his pledged million dollar donation to the Starship Foundation to help with the rebuild of its Oncology and Haemotology Ward.
30: Protest Against The End Of A GE Free NZ
Soil and Health Association
Today’s 9am ERMA GE hearing in Wellington will begin with a 8-30am protest outside the Terrace Conference Centre, St Johns House, 114 The Terrace.
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