Daily Voting News For December 18, 2007

Published: Wed 19 Dec 2007 03:50 PM
Daily Voting News For December 18, 2007
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
I always thought that “sleepovers” were beyond the limit of good security. In a court election contest in Wilkinson Co Mississippi the county Circuit Clerk pled the fifth amendment to several questions. One of the questions was “Is it true you had a pre-election party that voting machines were taken to?”
The results of the Ohio study are stunning with regards to the ES iVotronic DRE. The study found that a voter or poll worker can easily recalibrate the touch-screen; access control can be defeated by someone with a small magnet and a PDA or cell phone; and there is a back door entry that can be gained bypassing password requirements.
The Colorado SOS is now telling the media that they may be able to use some of the decertified voting systems by patching the software. Patches require testing and certification. Is he getting nervous?...
AZ: Opinion - Secretive electronic voting unacceptable LINK
Arizona: Pima County - BREAKING: Judge Orders Release of Pima County, AZ Voting Database LINK
California: San Joaquin County - Decertification 'fiasco' sends SJ to paper ballots LINK
Colorado: Sec of State decertifies voting machines in Denver, Jefferson, Arapahoe counties LINK
Colorado: State decertifies voting machines County officials livid; move ‘could cost taxpayers millions’ LINK
Colorado: Coffman: Voting machines don't measure up LINK
Colorado: Voting machines fail state tests Pueblo among other Southern Colorado counties to have machines decertified. LINK
Colorado: Political leaders, county clerks left with questions, concerns LINK
Colorado: E-voting veto makes mess Decision to decertify electronic systems sends counties scrambling LINK
Colorado: Many Colorado voting machines are decertified, throwing presidential votes in disarray LINK
Colorado: Coffman decertifies election scanners LINK
Colorado: Voting gear out for count LINK
Colorado: Coffman: Voting machines could be fixed in time LINK
Colorado: Coffman: Colo. could use voting machines OK'd in other states LINK
Colorado: Boulder County - Voting machines flunk Boulder County clerk says impact of state's decertification not yet clear LINK
Colorado: Garfield County - County voting machines lose certification LINK
Colorado: Mesa county may have to seek new voting methods LINK
Colorado: Moffat County - Voting machines banned Paper, absentee ballot equipment in Moffat County decertified LINK
Florida: Judge throws out Florida voting law LINK
Florida: Judge Reverses Florida's Anti-Voter Registration Law! LINK
Florida: Hillsborough County - Hillsborough dawdles on vote switch LINK
Mississippi: Wilkinson County election contest restarts LINK
New York: Editorial - Ohio study shows vulnerability in electronic ballot systems LINK
Ohio: Report: Magnet and PDA Sufficient to Change Votes on Voting Machine LINK
Ohio: Partisanship will enter decision on how Ohioans vote LINK
Ohio: Editorial - It’s too soon to turn voting upside down LINK
Ohio: 1,000 pages of bad news: Ohio e-voting report released LINK
Ohio: Governor backs election overhaul in '08; critics say no way LINK
Ohio: Opinion - Integrity greatest factor in elections LINK
Ohio: Ohio Study: Scariest E-Voting Security Report Yet LINK
Ohio: Ohio to stay with voting systems deemed unreliable in Colo. LINK
Ohio: Justice Center at NYU Law School Faults Ohio on Voting LINK
Ohio: E-voting activists praise Ohio plan to fix e-voting system But they fear quick 'cures' might worsen problems before '08 presidential vote LINK
Ohio: Cuyahoga County elections board takes no action on voting machine swap LINK
Ohio: Cuyahoga County - Elections board pressured to change LINK
Ohio: Cuyahoga County - Election board balks on dumping touch-screen voting LINK
Ohio: Washington County - Election reforms could pare precinct list LINK
Tennessee: State election systems study calls for paper audit trail LINK
Virginia: Spotsylvania County - Jett still wins in Spotsy recount LINK
West Virginia: Taylor County Keeping Electronic Voting System LINK
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