The Media is a Two-sided Sword Carving Our Fate

Published: Mon 10 Dec 2007 12:25 AM
The Media is a Two-sided Sword That Carves Our Fate, But We Are the Millions...
By Vincent L. Guarisco
'Circus dogs jump when the trainer cracks his whip.' ~George Orwell
Today’s media magicians really do perform in magical ways! Please remind me later (after the revolution) to nominate many of them for Academy Awards -- such stunning performances! Let's get to the meat, shall we? Did you enjoy the way the great American empire instructed its biggest tricksters to contain those of us who possess any real hint of rebelliousness or realism for independent thinking on what the hell is going on? Loud little suckers, aren’t they? Indeed. Well, keep the ear muffs on because this media circus will continue unabated as we endure another cryptic year in our ongoing struggle to survive tyranny in this land of dwindling opportunity. This will not change overnight. Yes, the circus trainer cracks his whip and the media dogs do jump to their profitable delight, but this we must endure for a little while longer, because blowhards are eternal and every devil gets his due...and we are the millions.
Ah yes, once again, Father Time is steadily moving his hand further into the 21st century in what we truly hope are better days ahead. And just as time itself is perpetual motion, the circus performers are a never-ending matrix too. So what if the 'Corporate Media Mouthpiece' with all its elephant clamoring, found its way into the middle of our living rooms. Simply ignore it, or turn it off! To hell with the constant bastion of bellowing consortium that fouls the airways attempting to keep us dumb-downed and compliant! True enough, the media does hold the sharpest two-sided sword ever forged by man. And yes, its many thrusts continue to split hairs with uncanny ability, affecting virtually every head in our society. But our time is coming, and their sword has lost its edge -- at least on one side -- and there are so few of them, and we are many.
Awareness is blossoming everywhere and many people from all walks of life are quickly learning that TV, newspapers, radio, internet, magazines, movies, plays, music, or whatever public platform, podium or printing press not mentioned, is a vast power structure that is constantly augmenting onto itself. People are getting wise that the FCC gave its blessings in erasing anti-trust laws, and that corporate media is owned and operated by a small handful of runaway corporate elites whose only goal is to serve their own profit margin to support their lavish living standards. And most would admit, today’s American media is monolithically disproportionate beyond belief in who they serve, forcing almost everyone outside the realm of wealth to struggle daily, voiceless, living mostly in fear, suppression and confusion in its deceiving wake of hypocrisy. True again, but we will have our day -- because we are millions and they are the few.
We’ve come a long way baby! It’s now common knowledge how they forged an unfettered alliance with The Military Industrial Complex, Wall Street Stock Exchange, Energy Corporations and other heavy corporate interests. They are fooling no one in trying to hide it.
Sorry, big media dog, your desired scare tactic is wearing off, regardless the many twisted half-truths, lies and terror alerts we have endured. Your bark no longer works. Let them hide the stories never told, let them self-censor themselves while trying to keep the sleeping giant at bay. The gig is up! The curtain is gone! And the wizard stands alone for all the world to see. We are millions and you are the few.
And to those brave journalists and editors who lost their jobs for trying to trigger the smoking guns on the many hard-hitting issues and scandals that took place, point blank -- you may have been handed your walking papers for now, but you will find redemption before this is over, for we are the many and they are the few.
True enough, a lot of time, effort and money went in to this putrid public relations conspiracy, and the odor is indeed foul. And some of it did succeed -- sweeping powers given to the executive branch, dissolving some of our constitutional protections and rights, enhanced voter fraud, deregulation of corporations, and they did remove much of the tax burden imposed on the rich while shifting it on to the backs of the poor. Yipper skipper, they are all guilty as hell. And if I’m not mistaken, their involvement in all of this is a direct threat to the national security of the United States and other sovereign nations too. But stand tall, this will not be allowed to continue...we will fix everything, because we are millions and they are the few.
Most of us agree that knowledge is power, and illiteracy is weakness with some variables in-between. Having said that, can you even imagine having the unbridled ability to administer and mold public information, knowledge and opinion on such a massive scale? No? Well good, because that just reinforces my belief that most Americans really aren’t that caught-up in power, manipulation and greed. For me, those involved in this whole affair are just bad turds that need to be flushed. It’s been a mind-bending power grab of unimaginable proportions...but we are the many, and they are the few.
Just a quick thought, most normal folks often make lasting impressions on those we love. As parents, we commonly teach and mold our own children to be the people they later become -- we always hope that what we do will help them to live happy, positive and meaningful lives. Well, that’s what good, normal, loving people do. Normal folks don’t walk through life serving their own selfish interests on a grandiose scale, playing psychological games on everyone they can for a lousy paycheck. We know what’s happening here, this is nothing new, it’s the same old 'covert action' game plan these jerks have been running against third world nations across the globe for decades -- and it’s coming to a crashing END! We are the millions! And they are nothing.
Bottom line, our democracy demands a more meaningful, diverse and truthful media from independent sources. And although that demand has not been met, it soon will be. All head-trips aside, did we enjoy the show? Well, maybe next time before we preach to our foreign neighbors how civilized and democratic and free we are, perhaps we’ll first contain our own barking circus? Ah yes Indeed, that is the true lesson here...we are millions strong, and they are all too obviously weak.
Lets get busy...
First, we must reverse the many mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations that have already occurred. We have already reached that critical juncture in the spirit of fairness for free speech and free press, allowing it to continue will only cause more uselessbloodshed later on, in order to make the needed repairs. Even with knowing the horrific injustice they have done to us, we must not wish them dead, we simply want to see them rot in prison, in disgrace, where they deserve to be. We can show strength, give quarter, and still remain compassionate. We are the merciful and they are the criminals.
As it stands right now, a mere six major corporations virtually dominate almost everything we see, read and hear. Check it out, Free Press Action Network has a very useful 'Who Owns the Media' list posted at their great web site. This wonderful 'who’s what and where' contains names, facts, figures and charts -- including reported revenues -- on most the major TV Stations, Film Companies, Cable Networks, Internet Providers, Publishing Houses, Music Industries, etc. Very useful, we must first know who our enemies are before we march on them, we are the millions, they are the few.
The 'big hitters' are making bank at our expense. Check this out: General Electric $163.4 billion, Time Warner $44.2 billion, Walt Disney $34.3 billion, News Corp $25.3 billion, CBS $14.3 billion, and Viacom posting $11.5 billion in reported profits for 2006. Are you eating good these days? The few may have the billions, but we are the millions.
Wow, that’s a lot billions flourishing under so few roofs in a single year, especially for pushing unfettered propaganda that tweaks our minds and pocketbooks. Let's get busy! For their most deserving wake-up call, I say cut their purse strings by telling all their sponsors we're not buying anything from them. United Boycott Organization is doing just that. They support an international corporate boycott that will continue until the media monopoly is broken up. Take a moment to visit their action center and see if you can support or help this worthy effort.
There are many other organizations and grassroots action centers available too, seek out more information and quickly get involved. Lets March! The enemy is nothing, and we are millions strong.
Perhaps the best resource center available for independent journalists, professional or freelance writers, etc., is 'The Institute for Public Accuracy' an astounding resource institution providing some of the best research and analysis available. Founded in mid-1997 by its current executive director, Norman Solomon -- the best expert on media deception I have had the pleasure of knowing. IPA increases, at no cost, the reach and capacity of progressive and grassroots organizations to address public policy by getting them and their ideas into the mainstream media. IPA gains media access for those whose voices are commonly excluded or drowned out by government or corporate-backed institutions. As a nationalconsortium of independent public-policy researchers, analysts and activists, IPA widens media exposure for progressive perspectives on many issues including the environment, human rights, foreign policy, and economic justice.
IPA has developed a detailed set of constantly updated databases of producers, commentators, and journalists at media institutions across the country. Generally, IPA news releases are most effective when they address breaking news stories. They've reached wide audiences by using major news developments as pegs for quickly providing accurate information and alternative analysis. While regularly making it possible for numerous policy analysts, scholars and other independent researchers to be heard in mass media, IPA boosts many progressive grassroots groups with scant resources for media outreach. Since 1998, IPA news releases have promoted analysts from more than 1000 different organizations doing work on a wide variety of public-policy issues. You can also read Solomon’s hard hitting essays at his Media Beat.
All activist groups, grass-root organizations and all patriotic citizens of this great nation, let us combine forces and march on every major media network in America, especially electronic, such as FOX, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC. Let's march on all their offices, their homes, wherever they are! Forget D.C.! Lets go after the pigs that peddle the lies. If we had done this right after the smirking chimp stole the reigns of power in 2000, we would not be having this discussion today. The revolution would already be over by now. What are we waiting for? We are the millions, and they are nothing.
Think about this for a did the power-brokers get so far in this? How in Sam’s hell could we lose so much, so fast? It’s really quite simple, it’s because of the media dummies! Because they refused to accurately report what was happening, there was no public backlash, no cause and effect, And it continues today. Thanks to them, we are almost screwed and tattooed.
This is where we have failed time and again, by not getting the media behind the vast majority of people in this great nation. Currently, they represent the few, we are the many, and if we mobilize our resources as one collective unit, they will run for cover. We are the millions! They are nothing! Regardless of their wealth, it will not matter. The mob is a fickle thing. We paid for this country with our blood, sweat and tears -- will we stand idly by and let them run us completely into the ground like some poor third world country? Will we let them create another Pearl Harbor event, possibly before the next election, so they can declare marshal law and round up all the movers and shakers and others as 'enemy combatants' if we resist? Do we want to end-up in FEMA camps, eating cold MRE’s with microchips shoved up our asses? Okay then, lets get off our butts and march on the media!
Remember that 'two-sided sword' I spoke of earlier? Well, I’ll rest a little easier knowing that same blade -- with the sharp side -- is directed at those who deserve it. Once we get the media back on our side, everything else will fall into place. The circus tent will fold for sure, and the dogs of hell will find their kennel once and for all. Checks and balances start with public knowledge, lets roll! We are the millions, and they are the spoiled few, just dirty rotten scoundrels living on a long-shot bet that we will not unite against them and take back what is ours.
Burn baby burn..
Vincent L Guarisco is a freelance writer from Bullhead City AZ., a contributing writer for many web sites, and a lifetime member of the Alliance of Atomic Veterans. Reprint permission is given as long as article content is not altered or changed and credit is given to the author. Replies welcomed at

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