Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings 16 November 2007

Published: Sat 17 Nov 2007 02:55 PM
Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...
1: Impeachment “Under Active Consideration" - Conyers
Rosalea Barker
Following a discussion on “War and the Fourth Estate”, held in the Ways and Means Committee hearing room on Wednesday night, Rep. John Conyers—Chair of the Judiciary Committee—said that the impeachment resolution against Vice President Cheney is ...
2: Rangitoto blows her top … or did she? officially launched this morning at 7am. To many people it appeared that Rangitoto was erupting however on closer inspection it was revealed that the simulated eruption was part of a guerilla marketing campaign by the new entertainment ...
3: Big business turns to long-time UK climate sceptic
Greenpeace New Zealand
Auckland 15 November 2007 – Greenpeace visibly demonstrated today that the New Zealand Business Roundtable, Greenhouse Policy Coalition and other business groups have their heads in the sand over climate change. (1). The organisation hung a banner ...
4: Ellis stunt shameful and worthy of prosecution
Green Party
TV Personality Marc Ellis should be prosecuted by the Department of Conservation for his foolish publicity stunt on Rangitoto Island, the Green Party says.
5: Powerful Cyclone Lashes Bangladeshi Coast
VOA News
A powerful cyclone that slammed into Bangladesh's southern coast Thursday is slowly making its way across the country, after leveling thousands of houses and forcing more than 600,000 people to evacuate.
6: Litigators Will continue to Pursue Bush & Cheney
Dean Lawrence R. Velvel
CCR's Ratner Says His Litigators Will Pursue Bush & Cheney Even After They Leave Office
7: Questions and Answers - Thursday, 15 November 200
Office of the Clerk
1. GERRY BROWNLEE (National—Ilam) to the Minister of State Services: Does the view expressed by the Minister of Agriculture that “the person who is in a vulnerable position will always have the bone pointed at them” indicate the Government’s ...
8: Tuhoe Anger Loud And Clear Over Police Raids
Spike Mountjoy
Maori Labour MP’s were shouted down as they tried to address a Hikoi of more than 800 Tuhoe iwi, activists, and supporters outside parliament yesterday. Many were there to demonstrate their opposition to October’s police raids, and recent changes ...
9: Would You…. DATE ME?
These days you can do almost anything on the Internet, from ordering your groceries to communicating with people from all corners of the globe – so why not try Internet dating? It's been around for a few years and it's now gaining in popularity – isn't ...
10: The Priority for Tax Reforms: A Flatter Tax Scale
New Zealand Business Roundtable
Tax cuts are in the news again. The government has signalled that it will move to cut personal tax in the 2008 budget, and the National Party also favours tax reductions.
11: NZ Govt Must Ensure War Criminals Face Trial
Indonesian Human Rights Committee
Balibo journalists’ deaths: New Zealand Government must ensure war criminals face trial in the wake of Sydney inquest finding.
12: Dennis Kucinich Talks Impeachment With
Rosalea Barker
Click for big version Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich with a pocket version of the document he believes gives Americans the tool to protect themselves against excesses of executive power: the Constitution of the United States of America.
13: Palestinian President Calls For Hamas Overthrow
VOA News
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has called for the overthrow of Hamas, the Islamic militant group that rules the Gaza Strip. The call was made during a crackdown by Hamas against journalists and members of the rival Fatah faction in Gaza.
14: It’s a gong-fest for The Hyperfactory
Mobile Marketing Awards
Auckland, 16 November, 2007 – Mobile marketing and media company The Hyperfactory has had to make more room in its trophy case after taking home top awards from both the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and Asia Pacific Digital Media Awards ceremonies ...
15: TVNZ Wins Right To Broadcast Confession
Television New Zealand
In an historic decision, TVNZ today won the right to broadcast footage of a confession to police by Noel Clement Rogers; footage that jurors were prevented from seeing during Rogers' trial for the murder of Katherine Sheffield.
16: Trabzon Cops Charged With Abuse Of Authority
Reporters Sans Frontieres
Two police officers in the north eastern city of Trabzon have been charged in connection with their failure to report what they knew about plans to kill Hrant Dink, the Turkish-Armenian editor of the weekly "Agos", prior to his murder in Istanbul in January 2007, the ...
17: Chinese coal subsidy questioned
New Zealand National Party
Labour Minister Trevor Mallard needs to explain why Kiwi taxpayers are effectively subsidising the coal industry in China, when China is the world’s top producer and consumer of coal.
18: Forget The Courts - A Media Lynch Mob Will Do
Global Peace And Justice Auckland
The police are delighted, Ron Mark has wet himself with excitement and the Prime Minister feigns concern.
19: The American People are Beginning To Get It
Ernest Partridge
Despite compelling statistical, circumstantial, anecdotal and eyewitness evidence that two presidential and numerous congressional elections have been stolen, this evidence has been discounted, ignored and ridiculed by the mainstream media and, ...
20: Thousand Flee Cyclone Sidr
World Vision New Zealand
Hundreds of thousands are fleeing the path of Cyclone Sidr, which made landfall in Bangladesh Thursday night (local time).
21: Global Peace And Justice Auckland Newsletter
Global Peace And Justice Auckland
FEATURE Sludge Report: Rule Of Law Demands An Inquiry Into "Operation 8" []
22: From the uttermost ends of the earth
Ethan Tucker
Every November in a small corner of the French Republic, there is a party in New Zealand’s honour. Once a year the people of Le Quesnoy celebrate the anniversary of the day in November 1918, a week before the Armistice that ended the First World ...
23: Panic Over Tasers Unwarranted
New Zealand First Party
New Zealand First law and order spokesperson Ron Mark has today reiterated his support for the New Zealand Police adopting TASERs despite the recent death of a Polish national shortly after being stunned by a TASER gun by police at Vancouver International Airport.
24: Paradise In Japan
Tourism New Zealand
Tourism New Zealand is making a large push into the Japanese tourism market launching the largest New Zealand promotional event ever staged in Japan to coincide with a $1.8 million campaign just launched into the Japanese market.
25: Editor Pleads Not Guilty To Journalism Charges
The trial of Bright Chibvuri, the editor of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) magazine, "The Worker", which was scheduled to continue in the southwestern border town of Plumtree on 5 November 2007, was postponed indefinitely due to the ...
26: Labour Votes Treaty out, Again
The Maori Party
“What part of the Treaty commitment don’t they get?” asked Te Ururoa Flavell, reflecting on Labour’s latest actions in voting down the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi in the Education (Tertiary Reforms) Amendment Bill.
27: UN Rights Expert Meets Political Prisoners In Burm
United Nations
The United Nations human rights official investigating alleged abuses by the Myanmar Government during a recent crackdown on demonstrators met with a group of political prisoners today before concluding his five-day visit to the South-East Asian nation.
28: Zoo staff devastated by loss of giraffe
Wellington Zoo
The Zoo’s General Manager Operations, Mauritz Basson, said the 20-year-old giraffe died just over a week after being moved, along with two other giraffes, into a new and bigger enclosure.
29: Middle East Peace Conference "Unique Opportunity"
UK Government
Mr Brown said he hoped to see a framework document on a two-state solution drawn up and reiterated a pledge to provide a $500 million aid package to Palestine tied to progress on security issues.
30: Sudanese Outbreak Of Rift Valley Fever Continues
United Nations
The number of confirmed cases and deaths from the outbreak in Sudan of the viral haemorrhagic disease known as Rift Valley Fever (RVF) continues to rise, the United Nations World Health Organization reports, but authorities are stepping up measures ...
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