Daily Voting News For January 22, 2007

Published: Thu 25 Jan 2007 10:08 AM
Daily Voting News For January 22, 2007
Guest Blogged by John Gideon of
The Election Assistance Commission has some explaining to do. The secrecy that pervades the EAC, which oversees testing and certification of voting systems, holds dire consequences for our electoral system. Both chambers of Congress need to work to dispel this culture of secrecy. / In the past year, concerns about the accuracy and integrity of computerized elections have entered the general consciousness and become accepted as serious. Issues that [were] addressed in the March 1, 2006, edition of the /Spectator/ have since been written about in the national media, and the momentum has grown for legislative solutions to be found at the federal level. A new Congress is getting under way, and decisions will be made that will profoundly affect the way Americans cast and count their votes. While computerized voting has been touted as a way to make elections easier and the results more reliable, an increasing number of voters, poll workers, and election officials have concluded that the process in 2006 was more difficult—not easier—and confidence in the tallies has been undermined. Many activists and legislators now question both the wisdom of relying on software to record votes, and the degree to which our elections depend on computerized voting systems and the manufacturers that sell them. ...
NAtional: Unlike Ballots, EAC Shouldn't Be Secretive LINK
National: Unverifiable Votes Our Election System Is Broken. Can the New Congress Fix It? LINK
National: State Legislators, Election Officials Tackle Voting Issues LINK
National: Worries about the “Stakes” In Wisconsin Right to Life
*Is Campaign Finance Deregulation Now In Progress? LINK
National: New Chair of House Administration Addresses Concern About Electronic Voting Machines LINK
National: E-voting controversy overcasts its success LINK
Florida: Editorial - Give vote to 'no vote' option LINK
Florida: Groups battle for fair elections
Florida coalitions have different agendas LINK
Indiana: Tippecanoe County - Work set to begin on voting centers LINK
Indiana: Tippecanoe County - Work on pilot voting system to being this week LINK
Massachusetts: Marlborough - Council will mull voting machine replacement LINK
New York: Cayuga County - State delays voting machines LINK
Ohio: Marietta County - $50K jump in board of elections ’07 budget LINK
Texas: Hill County - Election Lawsuit Papers Reissued LINK
Washington: Snohomish County - Mail election cost a little less than 2004's vote LINK
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