New Zealand Inches Towards A Review of Pharmac

Published: Tue 12 Dec 2006 05:14 PM
New Zealand Inches Towards A Review of Pharmac
Hon Peter Dunne answers questions on his discussion document 'Towards a New Zealand Medicines Strategy' in the Beehive Theatrette
As part of the Government's confidence and supply agreement with United Future a review of New Zealand's medicines strategy was implemented.
United Future Leader and Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne took charge off this strategy and today released a discussion document 'Towards a New Zealand Medicines Strategy' in relation to the ongoing review of the way New Zealand spends money on pharmaceuticals.
Mr Dunne pointed out that the review was a "much bigger issue" than just a review of Pharmac.
"Pharmac has been around since 1993 and has done a terrific job in terms of the mandate that it has been given but as this document points out there are a range of other players. We want to make sure is that we get the best advantage [we can] from all of them," Mr Dunne told the media assembled in the Beehive Theaterette today.
Last year prior to United Future's coalition agreement Mr Dunne vigorously attacked the performance of Pharmac.
Mr Dunne called on the then Health Minister Annette King to start work on developing a national medicines policy, similar to that in Australia.
"Such a policy would allow for a more sophisticated, rational and flexible approach to dealing with individual New Zealanders and their pharmaceutical needs, as well as maintaining a firm control over the national expenditure on drugs," said Mr Dunne in a press release dated 6 April 2005.
According to the press release Mr Dunne considered PHARMAC had a 'Scrooge-like attitude towards the healthcare needs of New Zealanders'. Mr Dunne was of the opinion that ACC was far more generous.
Listen to Health Minister Pete Hodgson and Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne discuss the consultation document 'Towards a New Zealand Medicines Strategy'

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Hon Peter Dunne and Hon Pete Hodgson

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