Sooden & Blair Interviews A Scoop Media Inclusive

Published: Fri 31 Mar 2006 11:23 AM
Sooden and Blair interviews: A Scoop Media Inclusive
By Lyndon Hood

New Zealand's incidental connection to world events has been a feature of recent days. However, due to Tony Blair's granting of exclusives and Harmeet Sooden's reluctance to grant them, our media has not been able to make the most of these events.
From those who missed out, we are left with dozens, perhaps hundreds, of lines of questioning that will never be pursued.
Scoop can now bring you those questions.
Susan Wood, Close Up at Seven
[Interview set in a hotel room with Susan sitting on a bed beside Tony Blair]
You're the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. How does that feel?
Paul Holmes, Some TV Show with the Word 'Holmes' in the Title
Tonight a personality who, having held the reins of power for what seems like decades, has by his own actions rendered himself irrelevent in the eyes of many. But enough about me - Mr Blair, when are you going to step down?
How much can I offer you for a peerage?
If I tell you what Tau Henare said about you on my radio show, do you promise not to declare war?
Larry Williams, Newstalk ZB
A visiting head of State having to sneak in the back door because of a bunch of protestors, I mean that's no good is it? Back home you could have slapped an antisocial behaviour order on them or something, couldn't you, Tony? Don't you think this country's appallingly politically correct?
Ian Wishart, Investigate
You're the first UK Prime Minister to visit New Zealand if fifty years. Does this mean that Helen Clark's tentacles now extend all the way to Downing Street? Aren't you really just a Labour patsy?
Eva Radich, Nine to Noon
What have you noticed that's changed while you were away? Apart from Linda Clark not doing this show anymore. I know, it's been hard for everyone.
How about I explain what I think about all this, and browbeat you into agreeing with me?
Susan Wood, Close Up at Seven
[interview set in a hotel room with Susan sitting on a bed beside Hameed Sooden]
How did it feel?
Was being a hostage good or bad?
So you spent three months in confinement, not knowing from day to day whether you would live or die, and then you were rescued by some of the people whose presence you were protesting and you've returned to New Zealand. How was the flight?
John Cambell, Cambell Live
[Interview conducted via satellite feed to an unspecified hotel room]
What's it like being back? Is it marvellous?
Ian Wishart, Investigate
Were any of your captors Labour cabinet ministers?
[Writes an article about how Sooden wilfully deceived nation into thinking he was a New Zealander when actually his birth certificate clearly says otherwise]
Leighton Smith, Radio Live
So you're not actually an ungrateful naysaying little snotrag, is that what you're saying?
If I punched you right now, you wouldn't do anything about it, have I got that right? You would just sit there and blub till the cops came and pulled me off you?
Mr Blair... ?
Who let you in here?

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