Scoop Audio: An Election Briefing From Rod Donald

Published: Fri 9 Sep 2005 12:49 PM
EXPLANATORY NOTE Re: Scoop's Election Briefings: Over the next few weeks, utilising the latest electronic wizardry, Scoop will be interviewing key players from across the political spectrum. The interviews will be posted in full in audio files in MP3 format with a summary note from the interviewer. The intention is to provide a venue for a more detailed understanding of the thinking of the political parties and their views on policies than can be obtained from the typical debate style presentations being carried by other media.
Scoop's Lyndon Hood Interviews Greens Co-Leader Rod Donald
Thursday 8 September 2005 – 9.45am – Green Party Offices, Parliament
Rod Donald At The Business NZ Finance Debate
Listen to the interview:
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Questions asked in this interview in roughly the order they came – note: these are not the exact questions asked but an approximation.
How has the Greens third term in Parliament been?
Rod also discusses the Greens' position in other terms
Transport and Carbon Tax
Will a Labour-Green coalition stop building roads?
Given that the price of petrol is rising anyway, is there an environmental need for a carbon tax?
Will anything New Zealand does make any difference to global warming?
Green Finance Policy
Rod explains the Green's tax policy
Do you have any response to the conclusion that you are anti-business?
Is it fair to say you view on tariffs differs from most parties in Parliament?
Normally the effect of tariffs is higher prices for consumers … ?
Don't things like that hold back developing countries in international trade?
(20.30 on the clock)
Are the Greens playing down the GE issue because it was such a deal-breaker last time?
Making clear could work w labour – bought flak?
Does being an obvious coalition partner lessen your bargaining power?
Rod also discusses other parties' coalition positions
Given the centre parties are offering first support to the party with the most votes, isn't it risky for those who want a Labour-led government to vote Green?
Electoral Issues
You were a great supporter of MMP. Do you think it's going well?
What is the Green's position on the Maori Seats?

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