Fighting Talk this Week: Pretty

Published: Wed 11 May 2005 03:30 PM
Fighting Talk this Week: Pretty
This week on Fighting Talk, pretty new girl Sarah moves her stuff, Hamish gets pretty worked up about drinking laws and reports in from Canada (which is pretty near the USA) and Lyndon pretty much gives up on right-wing blogs.
Fighting Talk: We might as well be wearing pink.
Fighting Talk Threatens Not to Sue Fictional Monkey
Hopefully, regular readers will be aware that I'm generally quite nice. In fact, most of you have probably met me. And I like to think I'm reasonable skilled at noticing when two people are talking at crossed purposes. I guess some folks just weren't meant to get along ...
See: Lyndon Hood - honestly trying, Lower Hutt
Boozer losers
When I was a teenager growing up in Alexandra, I made a habit of getting slaughtered in the weekends. It was par for the course. Each weekend we'd end up at some kid's house whose parents were invariably away, we'd trash the place, and half of us would end up vomitting on the sidewalk. It was ingrained in our culture ...
See: Hamish McKenzie - serious drinker, London, Ontario
Scene: Wellington. Day. A girl, who looks younger than her years, sits with the YELLOW PAGES. She is on the phone, halfway through a conversation.
Girl: So the movers will be there Friday morning? ...
See: Sarah Barnett - Moved to post, finally, Auckland.
Back to skool
After a year as an editor of Critic, with an Honours degree under my belt, and with public speaking experience at various engagements (ASPA Awards, 21sts, weddings) I wouldn't have thought standing up in front of a group of strangers to introduce myself would be so hard ...
See: Hamish McKenzie - comic sans'd, London, Ontario
Canada versus New Zealand: A Comparative Study
During my extensive stay (two weeks and counting) in my new homeland of Canada (yes, I am a citizen; and no, I don't know how I pulled that one off), I have noticed a few key points of difference between this New World colony and the colony of the Long White Cloud (which, since it's clearly newer than New World, must have to be considered a Pak 'n' Save colony) ...
See: Hamish McKenzie - anthropologetic, London, Ontario

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