Top 10 Designs Suggested For A New Flag

Published: Mon 14 Feb 2005 02:43 PM
Top 10 Designs Suggested For A New Flag
1. A puffed up little flag that constantly changes colour from blue to red - suggested by Peter Dunne.
2. A dull red flag that fades into obscurity after too many cycles on fast spin - suggested by Roger Douglas.
3. The world's first mirrored flag - suggested by Winston Peters.
4. A photo of me and my hairdresser - suggested by Jane Diplock.
5. A list of police stations where you can pick up a flag in an emergency - suggested by George Hawkins.
6. A ripped flag with tiny handwriting on it with 365 special supplementary flags to hang underneath - suggested by NZQA.
7. An Australian flag with bullet holes in it - suggested by Tame Iti's legal defence team.
8. A picture of a recently-expectorated infant's pacifier - suggested by Katherine Rich.
9. A koru, a silver fern and a couple of arse bandits - suggested by Brian Tamaki.
10. A giant waffle - suggested by Dick Hubbard.
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